How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

celebrate Chinese New Year

You may have thought the holiday season was over, but there’s another holiday that’s widely celebrated around this time of year. Commonly known as Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year begins on January 22nd and is celebrated for 15 days with celebrations, food, and family gatherings. Countries that recognize the lunar calendar view the new year in a similar way as western countries; it symbolizes rebirth, starting fresh, and signifies a time to make important changes in your life for the better. 

Celebrating the lunar new year may look like education for some, new clothes for others, and even new habits and routines for those looking to give new importance to their lifestyle and habits. Whatever your desire to celebrate or learn about the lunar new year, we’ve got a few tips that may help you celebrate this year. Keep reading to learn more! 

Educate Yourself and Employees 

Celebrate Chinese New Year

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For many corporate environments, Lunar New Year may not be something that comes as common knowledge; it can be very alienating in the place of work for those whom this holds cultural significance. That’s why it’s always wise to educate your employees or friends about why this celebration is important. Virtual icebreakers from Bar None Games can help address those issues with less awkwardness and alienation and more fun! 

Activities and Games 

Whenever friends and family get together for a collective celebration, activities and games are a must. Word games are one of the most popular to play with friends and family, especially ones like Mad Libs and Scrabble. Using a tool like The Word Counter’s helpful random word generator can help you create ideas for word combinations that you wouldn’t have thought of before! Word games are that much more fun with expanded vocabularies and will make your Lunar New Year games even more exciting. 

New Wardrobe 

Celebrating the new year sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with the celebratory parties and get-togethers at all; it can sometimes mean making improvements to your wardrobe to feel more enthusiastic about your everyday look. For men looking for something besides their normal bland items, check out cool shirts for men by Into the AM. These shirts are uniquely designed and have something for everyone’s particular interests. They’re great for going out or even wearing to the Lunar New Year celebration you may be planning to attend.

Explore New Skills 

The new year is an excellent time to explore new skills and hobbies. For those who might be exploring the ever-popular skill of guitar playing, there are a few things that you’ll need to get started. For one, an instrument will be necessary! Secondly, you’ll need to get that instrument in tune—using Ubisoft’s guitar tuner app is a great starting point. This app has visual feedback that’s easy to use for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players alike. It also

Celebrate Chinese New Year

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features interactive lessons for those who want help changing chords and getting closer to learning the songs they love; there’s truly something for everyone. 

Exercise Routine

Another way to improve your habits at the start of the Lunar New Year is by adopting new exercise routines and paying more attention to your physical habits. It’s amazing how much even a small change in routine, like learning how to do hammer curls with BarBend, can help increase your physical strength and general feeling of well-being. Starting the day with a few simple exercises can help reprogram your brain to expect rewards like dopamine and serotonin from these activities, rather than getting them from not-so-healthy activities. 

Lucky Money 

A classic Lunar New Year tradition is to give lucky gifts. Red is considered a lucky color during this time, and family members will often give gifts of money in red envelopes. To plan for your gift-giving, consider ordering some high quality red envelopes by Moo. This is a great way to get in the spirit of the Lunar New Year by giving the gift of not only money, but also luck! Everyone could use a little luck going into 2023, so start the year off right but spreading the wealth among your family and friends. 

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Good Food for Good People 

One of the best ways to celebrate any occasion with family and friends is through food; food brings people together and cooking is a labor of love for those preparing it. However, sometimes we just don’t have enough time to prepare a big feast from scratch, and there’s no shame in that! We all live busy lives, so having a meal prepared for your home celebration can help save time and stress when planning big events for a lot of people. 

Ordering your Lunar New Year feast through Goldbelly can help you save time without sacrificing quality. Goldbelly delivers food from well-known restaurants and eateries all over the world. You can even get Maine lobster rolls shipped right to your door! This is the perfect solution for those big parties that feel impossible to prepare enough food for. Whether it’s to improve a menu that you’ve already prepared or cut out the hassle of cooking altogether, ordering food for your celebration is a great solution for this year’s party. 


Celebrating the Lunar New Year looks different for every person and every family—that’s the beauty of holidays! While there may be cultural traditions associated with holiday celebrations, it’s a time where family and friends get to forge their own paths. Remember that new years itself is just a concept, and how you celebrate it doesn’t matter as much as relishing in the time you get to spend with loved ones. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about. We hope our guide gives you inspiration for how to ring in the Lunar New Year and get you thinking about ways to create your own traditions!

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