How and Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Throw on your shamrock necklaces, green shirts, and funky hats: St. Patrick’s Day is here! Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday where everyone gets the chance to let loose and celebrate the Irish culture. If you aren’t sure of the best way to celebrate, don’t fear! Try these fun ideas to ensure your St. Patrick’s Day is more exciting than just a green t-shirt.


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1. Make Some Green Food
If you aren’t thrilled about corned beef and cabbage, try adding a few drops of green food coloring to your favorite foods! It’s easy enough and adds a fun St. Patrick’s Day flare to your average meal.

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2. Play Irish Music
Music is an excellent way to get you into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! There’s great traditional Irish music like that of The Dubliners or The Chieftains. However, if traditional Irish music isn’t your thing, U2, Van Morrison, and The Cranberries are all Irish musicians you can jam out to throughout the day.
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3. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade
One of the best ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to attend a parade. This gives you a chance to go all out with your St. Patrick’s Day outfit, and watch local Irish dancers, bands and musicians, and epic floats parade by in a flurry of green and shamrocks.
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4. The Pub Scene
If you’re old enough to drink, check out your local pub scene. Many bars will offer discounts on drinks in honor of the holiday. This is also a great chance to try out some Irish beer. Some places will actually serve green beer for the holiday! So grab your friends and head down to the bars for some good, Irish fun!
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