Easter Egg Hunt Party Ideas For Kids

easterWith Easter around the corner, you’re probably starting to think of different ways to entertain the children this year. Easter egg hunts are a fantastic way to celebrate Easter and remain hugely popular with children of all ages. According to, 81 per cent of parents admitted to stealing candy from their children, so it’s likely you’re looking forward to it too! You don’t need to break the bank in order to throw a good egg hunt; you can use chocolate eggs, homemade biscuits or small toys. Below are some tips and ideas for a fun Easter hunt:
An active treasure hunt
Whether you’re holding it in your garden or at the local park, set up different ‘activity stops’ and at each one set the children a physical challenge or task to complete before they start searching for more eggs. You could include skipping, star jumps and small races. With all the chocolate they’ll be eating, this is a great way to keep them moving!
easter-crafts-2A craft hunt
Set up a number of different craft stations around the home or in the garden. You can get the children to make bunny ears, Easter bonnets or decorate hard-boiled eggs. After each station you can award each child with a small egg or gift. You could also create competitions and award the winner with a bigger prize from Glitter Gift Baskets.
A color coded egg hunt
Wrap small Easter eggs and treats in different colored tissue paper and give each child a specific color to collect. Provide each child with a small basket and hide the eggs all around the house or garden. The children should only take the treats in their colour to pop in their baskets. You can also choose to color code the eggs according to age groups. For example, everyone under the age of three looks for the blue eggs while the older children search for the yellow eggs.
easter2A puzzle egg hunt
Hide puzzle pieces within plastic eggs around the home or garden. Give each child a basket so they can hunt and collect the pieces. When they’ve collected all the eggs, give them time to complete the puzzle and reward them with a chocolate egg or gift at the end!
Bunny print hunt
Create bunny foot prints near to each hidden Easter egg to give the kids some clues as to where they are located. You can make the prints out of plain paper or simply sprinkle some talcum powder or flour onto the grass and form a bunny paw print with your fingers.
According to PR News Wire, more than half of kids surveyed get up before or at dawn on Easter morning, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough activities planned to keep them entertained throughout the day. Why not get them helping out in the kitchen with some Easter baking or, if you’re holding a party, get them to design some decorations too?
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