How to Get Picture-Perfect Lips

Let me start off by clearing any rumors about Kylie Jenner undergoing lip augmentation; that is completely false. They are indeed her natural lips. This Jenner is just really talented at using lip liners. I mean, have you checked out her Instagram? At this point, Kylie Jenner knows she has it made. All you have to do is a quick search and you will see that there are a few hashtags dedicated to her lips alone: #kylieslips and #kyliejennerslips. Some of us are dying to know how she does it. Well, if you’re dealing with thin or not so “perfectly” shaped lips like the rest of us, that’s not a problem anymore. Thanks to Jenner, we no longer have to take drastic measurements or leave the comfort of our own home to achieve fuller-looking lips. And the best part is, we won’t ever have to pay for a doctor visit, injections, or augmentations. Instead, let’s take some notes on how to get picture-perfect lips.
Mint Julips Lip Scrub by LUSH
1. Before we even start sculpting our perfect lips, we are going to have to prep them first, and we are going to do that by getting rid of all the dead skin. So, you’ll want to invest in a lip scrub. I recommend using one from LUSH Cosmetics; my favorite one is the Mint Julips Lip Scrub. First, apply the scrub and rub it in a circular motion (make sure not to miss any spots). Once that is done, rinse it off with warm water, and you should end up with a flawless canvas.
2. Next, apply a lip balm of your choice to get your lips nice and moisturized. On top of that, apply a lip concealer; my favorite one to use is Lip Erase by MAC. The point of applying a lip concealer is to “erase” your natural lip outline so you can draw it into a shape you desire.
Lip Erase by MAC
3. After your lips are nice and concealed, grab your favorite lip liner. I suggest using a nude liner or a color slightly off your original lip color if you want to make your “new lips” look realistic. Now, this is where you are going to get a little creative. At this point, you are ready to outline and shape your lips. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the shaping right the first time; like most things, it takes a little practice!
4. Finally, you are going to take that same liner and fill in your lips, moving from the center of your lips outward. Once they are filled in, take a small amount of highlighter and swipe it on the center of your bottom lip and on the top, near your Cupid’s bow. The highlighter is what’s going to make your lips look fuller. Lastly, apply a gloss to finish off your look. The only thing left to do is take a selfie!
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Feature photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner on Instagram. Makeup photos courtesy of LUSH cosmetics and MAC

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