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4 Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

4 Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Today we want to share 4 health benefits of hearing aids. Hearing aids are fantastic pieces of technology. They are small gadgets that help people with hearing loss to hear what’s happening around them. However, it’s not just their hearing that benefits when they wear them. People who wear hearing aids can experience a range of other health benefits, including those listed below:

1. They Can Improve Overall Health

In 2020, three US insurers conducted a survey of over 20,000 older adults. This survey found that individuals with severe hearing loss who chose not to wear their hearing aids were much more likely to be in bad health and were less likely to exercise regularly. However, this was not the case for people who wore them.

Another study completed in 2019 analysed what happens to people’s health three years after having a hearing aid fitted. Here are some of the findings:

  • Hearing aids cut the risk of developing dementia by 18%.
  • People were 13% less likely to suffer a fall-related injury after having a hearing aid fitted.
  • Hearing aids reduced the chance of getting depression or anxiety by 11%.

As you can see, both of these studies found that hearing aids can impact your overall health. So, it’s essential to go for regular hearing tests. You can find out more about this by visiting this site:

2. Hearing Loss Can Affect Mental Health

Almost half of older adults struggle with their mental health. While there are many reasons for this, one of the main reasons is thought to be because of loneliness. People with hearing loss may find it hard to communicate with others, making them feel lonely. This can have a significant impact on their mental health.

3. Hearing Aids Can Slow Cognitive Decline

For many years now, researchers have known that there is a link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. However, many researchers argue it is more of an issue than once thought. They believe dementia and other cognitive issues can occur up to two years earlier in people with hearing loss. They also state that an individual does not have to have severe hearing loss to be affected; even slight hearing loss can lead to a reduction in cognitive ability.

Thankfully, hearing aids can be used to help slow cognitive decline. A randomised controlled trial completed this year found that over a period of three years, hearing aids alongside counselling with an audiologist reduced the rate of cognitive decline.

4. They Can Reduce Your Chances of Cardiovascular Disease

Another key benefit of wearing hearing aids is that they can reduce your chances of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke. Many doctors argue that patients with low-frequency hearing loss have a much higher chance of suffering from one of these conditions.

It’s well known in the medical world that poor hearing is linked to several health dangers, including the risk of falling, dementia, depression, and anxiety. However, as you can see, it goes much further than this. People with hearing loss are more likely to suffer serious health issues like heart attacks and strokes. Because of this, it’s vital to get your hearing checked regularly.

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