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3 Ways to Improve Your Health After Having a Baby

Improve Your Health After Having a Baby

Having a baby takes a massive toll on your body. It changes so much and it’s totally normal to feel a little unhappy with the body that you’ve got post baby. There’s also a good chance that since having your baby you’ve had rushed and unhealthy meals, naps here and there, and lots of caffeine to keep you going. And again, while it’s pretty normal, it’s important for you to get yourself back into a healthier routine, not just for your self confidence, but for your general health too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you could be doing to feel more like yourself again.

Listen to what your body needs

When you become a parent, your focus naturally moves onto your baby and making sure they’ve got everything they need. But, it’s still important to look after your needs too! The body is actually very clever, and it will let you know when action needs to be taken. For example, your ears will often block up when there’s a lingering infection or you’re coming down with a cold, and this tells you that other than managing excess earwax you may have, you need to see a Doctor.

So, take the time to really listen to what your body is asking you to do. If your skin is breaking out, it’s probably telling you that you need to drink more water and eat healthier food. If your back is hurting, there’s a good chance you need to get back out there and exercise a bit more.

Improve Your Health After Having a Baby

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Start rebuilding your stamina

Speaking of exercising, it’s totally understandable that after having a baby you wanted to take some time to relax and enjoy those precious moments with your baby. And while this is absolutely fine, muscle can quickly lose its strength, and your fitness levels will begin to decline quickly. That’s why it’s important to start rebuilding your stamina sooner rather than later. 

Not only will your health begin to improve, but your body will begin to tone up and lose any excess pounds you may have, which will improve your overall confidence too. Even if you’re really busy, there’s a good chance you can fit in a 15 minute YouTube workout every day. Anything you can do will help, and you’ll thank yourself when you start noticing the difference in how you look and feel!

Take me time when you can get it!

Finally, as mentioned earlier, it’s normal to neglect your own needs when you’re taking care of a precious newborn. But, sleepless nights and always being “in Mum mode” will quickly take a toll on your mental and physical health. That’s why it’s important to take me time when you’re able to! If someone has offered to take care of your baby for an hour or two, jump at the chance. Or, if your baby is asleep, take that chance to have a bath and do some self care, or watch that trashy TV show you love. Either way, you’ll begin to notice that you’re happier and healthier than ever, both physically and mentally.

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