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Celebrity Skincare Expert Angela Caglia Talks Her Skincare Brand

When seasons and wardrobes change, there’s one thing that stays the same: the longing for clear, healthy skin. Even with so many different products and instructions on how to get the skin your favorite celebrity has, it’s not easy to accomplish. We chatted with Angela Caglia, a leading celebrity esthetician, skincare trailblazer, and anti-aging pioneer, to give us some tips on achieving healthy skin for the cold months ahead. Here, Caglia, also known as the “Hollywood Glow Girl” to many celebrities, helps us achieve younger-looking and lively skin.


Cliché: What inspired you to help others achieve healthy, luminous skin?
Angela Caglia: I became inspired 20 or so years ago while living in Paris and attending the Sorbonne. I was drawn to how the average French girl cares for her skin; this includes monthly facials starting in her teens and dedication to showing off her great skin, not trying to hide it with makeup. I am continually inspired every day at my skin spa where I work on women and listen to their skincare concerns and find remedies and treatments to help them feel younger and more beautiful. It’s very satisfying.

What makes your products different from the rest out there?
My line is very tight, efficacious, pH-balanced, comes in small batches, and made with the best natural and certified organic ingredients, including my signature ingredient meadowfoam seed oil. It has a similar structure as your skin sebum, so it’s able to penetrate deeply and deliver essential fatty acids without being too heavy. I wanted the whole experience to feel like a professional facial at a luxurious spa. I chose the most elegant black violet UV protected glass that keeps the product stable for longer, and I chose precious gold printed on the glass jars; I wanted it to feel like an elegant perfume bottle type vibe on your shelf. I made every fragrance and color natural and uplifting, and I made sure through testing in my treatment room and giving to my top celebrity clients that they saw the immediate results of the line.

What is your goal you hope others can reach by using your products?
It’s simple: that they use them consistently so they can age better and have beautiful skin.

How should we maintain skincare when weather gets colder?
Perhaps adding a face oil in your routine and a heavier moisturizer. It’s also a time when a humidifier in your room as you sleep is a great idea. Take care of chapped lips with nourishing lip balms while you sleep, too.

What can we expect from the Angela Caglia Skincare line?
You can expect a nourishing, effective line with the best ingredients that don’t strip your skin or sensitize it. It will be a useful line that will treat many skin types, including acne, in a natural way without parabens, sulfates, propylene glycols, artificial coloring, or fragrance and will always be cruelty-free. And it’s addicting! The textures, smells, and immediate results are already gaining quite the cult following among supermodels, actors, and musicians in Hollywood and NYC. After so many years treating skin and selling other popular skincare lines to my facial clients, it feels really good knowing that I have created a line that delivers the best results in the healthiest way possible.

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Celebrity Skincare Expert Angela Caglia Talks Her Skincare Brand: Photos courtesy of Angela Caglia

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