Your Business Guide to Working in Fashion

Today we want to share with you an awesome business guide to working in fashion.  What could be more satisfying than turning your favorite hobby into a career? If you’re interested in fashion, this could be more attainable than you once thought, especially with the digital overhaul of the fashion industry.

The fashion world has never been more far-reaching than it is now. With the growth of social media and online shopping, it’s possible to make your mark and get your work seen by patrons worldwide. Of course, making it in any industry requires hard work and dedication, as well as the necessary skills and knowledge to pull it off. In this post, we’ll highlight some helpful tips that you can use to start your fashion-related business and prepare for the journey ahead.

business guide to working in fashion

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6 Tips for Starting a Fashion Business

OWN Your Skills

business guide to working in fashion

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Without the talent to backup your passion, your business likely won’t last. Your first step should be to identify where you’re most skilled. Do you have a flair for design? Are you handy with a sewing machine? Answering such questions can help you determine what you’re good at while also allowing you to identify the skills that you might need to improve upon.

The development of your skills is highly dependent on the specific type of fashion business that you want to start. Regardless, it’s crucial that you have a sound knowledge of your industry, whether it’s fashion design, textiles, jewelry making, or something else.

Improving your abilities might involve practicing your drawing skills so that you can create great sketches, enhancing your sewing technique to make high-quality garments, or becoming comfortable with using a hot melt glue gun to make accessories.


Find a Niche

As with all business ventures, it’s crucial that you find something unique to specialize in that stands out from competitors. This could be through unusual styles, materials, or accessories. It might be hard to break into a highly saturated market, but, if you find a unique selling point for your designs and focus on this, you could build up a niche consumer base that will develop over time.

business guide to working in fashion

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Remember, It’s Not All About Fashion

While it is important to focus on your artistic pursuits, you should also develop skills that are relevant to conducting business. These include business management, financial, and organizational skills.

When you start a business, you’ll need to create a budget, manage your finances, order and monitor inventory, use design software, and tackle countless other tasks. Having a solid grasp (or at least an awareness) of how to perform these tasks will be pivotal, since you might have to handle these tasks independently until you can afford to hire employees.

Build an Online Presence

One of the most critical factors when opening a business is building an online presence. This includes acquiring social media followers, developing your business’s profiles and a solid reputation on online stores, and writing blog posts to build a more personal brand.

Creating profiles on Pinterest and Instagram is hugely beneficial in sharing your work, gaining exposure and followers, and keeping up-to-date with what other companies in the fashion industry are doing. Social media then becomes a support network for your growing business.  There are websites that will unique customized items online if your fashion career involves creating clothing or accessory items to sell.

People often run small online stores from these websites while working on other jobs. The flexibility these platforms offer can be incredibly useful early in your fashion career when you might not earn enough of an income to quit your day job.

business guide to working in fashion

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Tackle the Vintage Trend

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and this is reflected in the brands they choose to associate with. One way this has taken off in the fashion world is through the recycling of vintage items, a practice sometimes known as upcycling.

You can upcycle as part of your budding fashion empire, allowing you to be socially conscious, on-trend, and financially responsible at the same time. Upcycling for your business could involve scouring your local thrift stores for unique items you can alter or use in your designs, creating new items from old clothes or fabrics, or turning vintage clothes into something else entirely, such as upholstery or furniture. Taking a unique spin on current trends with vintage materials could get you noticed online and increase your following and sales.



Learn How to Take Good Photographs

In an online business, a picture tells a thousand words. Images you display of your designs or projects are the first insight consumers get into what your brand is all about. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to capture striking images of your work to show it off.

Your images should be of high quality and visually appealing. For example, you could create staged scenes with perfect lighting or using themes that match your work. For example, you can display your new line of sweaters as part of a fall theme with blankets, warm colors, and low light or showcase new swimwear designs with blue and green tones in the background. If you still aren’t happy with your results, consider hiring a freelance photographer to take some shots for you. Although you’ll need to spend some money on their services, having better product photos will likely help you sell more items.

business guide to working in fashion

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Watch Your Brand Grow!

After you’ve improved your skills, found a niche to compete in, and make your brand visible, the only thing that’s left to do is to watch as your brand takes off. However, while now might seem like a good time to sit back and relax after all your hard work, the truth is that you’re just beginning your journey as an entrepreneur. Initial interest in your brand might wane if you get complacent. To keep your business in the spotlight, pay attention to the latest fashion trends and listen to your instincts about where to take your business. With hard work, your fashion venture should steadily grow into a lucrative long-term business.

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