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Work Out In Style With Entourage

Having both style and comfort is a growing priority for everyone in this day and age. Exercising shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be ugly either. This lead to the birth of the genius idea of athleisure: comfy athletic clothing that’s also suitable for everyday wear. For most brands, however, this trend comes with a hefty price tag.

What if all of your favorite designs and trends were affordable and comfortable? We’ve found the solution! Entourage is an inexpensive fashion brand with high-end boutique service garnered to put the customer first. Compare their low cost with their new Athleisure line and you’ve got the perfect mix.
J. Hoover, the brand director for Entourage, gave us the inside scoop on the new line. “Athleisure is a major trend and it is one that we feel isn’t going anywhere,” Hoover said. “We strive to offer all the fashion needs of our shoppers for all facets of their lives at an affordable price.”

Hoover emphasized that the Athleisure line, their latest fashion-to-fitness trend, offers the epitome of comfort and ease while maintaining a stylish look for everyone. “We love making people feel beautiful,” he said. “Our goal is to provide all the things our shoppers need and want, no matter their age or where they are in life. Athleisure executes this because it rounds out our brand by providing wearable fashion to fitness items that are accessible to anyone.”
From a wide range of sizes to new designs, mesh cutouts, and lace-up styles, Entourage’s new Athleisure products are a must-have. But their new clothing line isn’t the only commendable thing about Entourage. One of the most important goals for the clothing line, as stressed by Entourage’s Founder Katie Nichols, is to have all of their products quality made and under $42!

Looking in the mirror and feeling empowered can come with a hefty price tag and Entourage is changing that.

Nichols’s mission for Entourage continues to grow as she and her team further create a place where anyone and everyone can feel accepted and included. They strive to make Entourage more than just a brand. It should be an experience that doesn’t break the bank. And best of all? Entourage gives 10% of all profits made from their products back to charitable organizations.
“Looking in the mirror and feeling empowered can come with a hefty price tag and Entourage is changing that,” Hoover said. “We want to empower our shoppers and make them feel beautiful no matter their budget.”
And beautiful is exactly how you’ll feel with their sporty-gone-sexy mesh leggings to the strappy cutout sports bras. On top of this brand’s amazing Athleisure line, Entourage also carries plus sizes, bridal, maternity, shoes, accessories, basics, and swimwear.
“We literally have #AllTheThings!” Hoover said. And he’s absolutely right.
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