What is the Purpose of FR Clothing?

The term FR clothing suggests mainly two types of clothing – flame resistant and flame retardant clothing. Though there are certain differences between the fabric of these two types of FR clothing, the purpose of using them is quite the same. The purpose of these garments is mainly to play the role of personal protective equipment by preventing the flame from spreading, minimizing severe burning injuries.

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Especially for the protection of petrochemical and utility workers using fire-resistant clothes during work hours has become now a rule. Employers are now bound to provide FR clothing as personal protective equipment at free of cost to all the employees. Especially, those who come to work at the highest risk of exposure to flames or electric arcs.

  1.   How does it work?

The tough and durable self-extinguishing properties of these garments are designed specially to resist fire from catching and spreading, once the source of ignition is removed. FR clothing is not wholly fireproof. However, it will start burning if it is introduced to any open ignition source like a flame from a flash fire, arc flash, combustible dust explosion etc.

FR clothingIts self-extinguishing ability only makes room for the victim to escape the hazardous place. The proper FR fabrics will not melt into the skin, and unlike normal clothes, they will decrease the possibilities of injury caused by burning. It also protects the skin from exploding heat and dust.

  1. Various types of FR garments to fulfill its purpose and need properly:

There are several kinds of personal protective equipment to provide protection for eyes, face, head, and any exposed body parts. All kinds of FR garments are available in regular, big, tall, long and any required sizes. These fit all the industrial workers exposed in the oil, gas, electrical, utility, and combustible dust fields. It is also advantageous for other workers who are exposed to similar risk factors in various other domains of fieldwork. Here, has a glance over some major types of FR clothing and accessory:

  • FR shirts,
  • Arc rated jackets,
  • Men’s Cargo Pant 941PFRD6
  • Flame resistant eyewear
  • Fire-resistant coveralls,
  • Safety toe boots
  1. The benefits are served by FR clothes on various grounds like:
  • Always use appropriate FR clothing. Verify the material quality, hazard ratings, and product types. It will surely minimize the amount of injury caused by any flash fire or electric arc flash.
  • Organizations like: government based institutions OSHA, the industry trade associations National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), and ASTM International have formulated certain testing-based standards of FR clothing. These standards ensure the highest ability of every cloth to protect the wearers.
  • Determining the level of protection needed and using garments of appropriate ratings will provide the user with required protection.
  • To enable the utmost benefit of these clothes, the employees are needed to be trained on safety practices and proper use of the garments. If the garments are worn or used in an improper way or not maintained properly, then it will fail to serve its purpose.
  • There are several factors that increase as well as decrease the benefits of FR garments in accordance with your performance and protection requirements. Understand and verify the level of fire-resistance before using to ensure the worker’s safety.


In this article, we have enlisted enough details and work abilities of FR clothes, try to follow them perfectly. And if you are following them, then you don’t have to worry much. Go through the various types and qualities of FR clothes and the prices. Using FR garments higher ratings than your hazards dictate can create unnecessary discomfort to the workers and increase the unnecessary costs. Keep this in mind and stay protected.

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