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Even though I’m terrified of bugs, especially spiders, I do consider myself a somewhat outdoorsy gal. I feed my wanderlust by traveling as much as I can, exploring different places, and going on long and quiet walks. I love the way trees look during the fall and winter; their red, orange, and yellow leaves turn into eerie and dark leafless branches, which nicely brings me to Victoria Tillotson Jewelry. Handmade in New York City, the collection was inspired by the nature outside Tillotson’s home. Twigs, branches, pebbles, and acorns are portrayed in sterling silver and brass rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Some of the designs include a brass Thorn Barn Pendant and dainty Acorn Earrings. I love my Thorn Barn Pendant; it’s simple, yet charming. The matching brass Twig Gem Ring with Green Amethyst is magnificent; the brass color reminds of fall with a little twinkle from the stone. The collection ranges from $28 to $325.
To learn more about Victoria Tillotson’s lovely and unique collection, check out and her Etsy shop at

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