Anti Blurred Lines: Top Glasses Picks

The effectiveness of eye contacts are definitely wonderful, but, needless to say, I sort of, kind of, really hate them. I’ve been pestered and irritated by my family and friends to buy a pair of contacts for years, but I have been in a relationship with my glasses for fourteen years and no one, I repeat, no one (not even my mother) will bring us apart. When I started wearing them, it was “taboo,” “geeky,” and “nerdy.”
Not anymore. (!!!!!!!!!)
Glasses have definitely made a comeback in the fashion world within recent years, and I for one have been cheerleading this re-emergence like the cheerleader I am since the very beginning. I personally think that’s why I love my glasses and why I love it when people are proud to wear theirs on a daily basis. I feel like, to a certain extent, glasses give us yet another outlet to express ourselves and show personality while also being able to give us the wonderful gift of eyesight without having to poke our eyes out in the morning and at night. They have the ability to complete an outfit in a way contacts can’t — not to mention the color, frame, and brand choices that we have when we are about to invest in a pair are endless. If you’re in the mood to purchase a pair, here’s a list of my top glasses picks to get you started. You are welcome. BY KATHERINE RIVERA
Ray Ban Acetate Tortoise 180 Raybancom
Acetate Tortoise Shell Frame
Ray Ban
Warby Parker Coley 95 warbyparkercom
Coley Frame
Warby Parker
kate space helga katespadecom
Helga Frame
Kate Spade New York
celine blue frame bluefly
The CL41322 M23 Frame

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