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Top 5 TikTok Fashion Trends for 2022

Today I want to share the top 5 TokTok fashion trends for 2022. The popular social media platform known as TikTok has taken the internet community by storm. What just started as short 15-second videos has completely morphed into something no one could have ever imagined. With an app that thrives on trends, it’s no surprise that fashion has become a major influence on the content being created. Referred to as “FashionTok” content creators have used the platform to share outfit styling tips, outfit inspiration, and entire look books. Now here are the top five things you’ll be needing in your closet for 2022 according to TikTok.

1. Platform Shoes

tiktok fashion trends for 2022Once a staple piece in the 1990s, platforms are making their deserved comeback in 2022. Not only have influencers been seen wearing platforms, but many celebrities such as Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande, and Bella Hadid love them as well. Brands like Versace and Steve Madden have jumped onto this trend, creating stylish shoes that pair with any other items on this list. TikTok has shown its love for the platform trend with many viral videos dawning the famed style shoe. That makes platforms an absolute necessity for 2022 fashion.

2. Opera Gloves

These are not the run-of-the-mill winter gloves you wear when it’s cold outside. Opera gloves can be added to any outfit and instantly elevate it to the next level. The elegance that these gloves add cannot be found in any other accessory. They range in all sorts of styles providing endless outfit possibilities. Some notable ones are all-black, sheer, and ones with added puffs at the top. With a pair of opera gloves in your closet, you’ll be a known fashionista in 2022.

3. Catsuits

Many TikTok creators have been styling and referring to catsuits as an upcoming trend in 2022. With the sleek and stylish look they give, it is no surprise that they will have their moment in the new year. Many celebrities have also shown their love for catsuits; the form-fitting look is a go-to for a red carpet event. Kylie Jenner is even known for rocking one even while she is pregnant. Don’t forget to grab yours and be the statement at any event you attend this year.

4. Feathers

tiktok fashion trends for 2022Feathers have cycled through fashion for years, but they are coming back in a better way than ever before. Whether it be the trim of a jacket or an entire dress, feathers add just a hint of flair to your style. Not only are they fun to wear, but they create texture within your outfit. They have also been added to the tops of opera gloves mentioned before. Creating the ultimate trend with one piece for 2022.  

5. Corsets

Although on the rise in the fashion community this past year, corsets have been around for centuries. However, corsets today are used more for a statement piece rather than function like previously. Corsets have recently gone viral on TikTok, causing many stores to sell out of the highly sought-after item. So be on the lookout, because this fashion trend isn’t going anywhere. 

That wraps up the five trends to be aware of going into 2022. Most of them are already exploding on the TikTok scene, with viral videos and style predictions for 2022. So grab some opera gloves and slip into some platforms and take on the new year in serious style.

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Images provided by Shingi Rice on Unsplash, Flaunter on Unsplash, and Julian Myles on Unsplash  

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