Judge a Man by His Watch


CEO Tech Kivanc Tatlitug Limited Edition

Whether you enjoy basking in the center of every social event, or prefer a more quiet lifestyle hanging out with friends at home, a man’s watch is key to revealing his personal aesthetic and style. Weeding out the men from the boys, the right watch can enhance how people perceive you, while also adding that final touch to your outfit. With the launch of their newest limited edition timepiece, the CEO Tech Kivan, TW Steel takes into account the modern man’s needs, functionality, and style.

With a wide range of options available, TW Steel caters to every man. For the adventurous on the go man who requires a sturdy watch to take him through his day, the Yamaha Collection is most suited for an active lifestyle. The man who exudes classic, timeless style should gravitate to the CEO Tonneau Collection, which specializes in achieving a traditional approach with its design. Whatever your style is, TW Steel’s collections serve as a worthwhile investment that is sure to capture your desires.

A watch also serves to complete an ensemble as a finishing accessory that unites the entire look. Your watch should be indicative of your everyday style approach and complement your wardrobe instead of detracting from it.

To get a feel for your ideal watch, pop over to TW Steel’s website.

Photo courtesy of TW Steel

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