Top 10 Reasons to Replace Your Bras in the New Year

Top 10 Reasons to Replace Your Bras in the New Year

Today we want to share 10 reasons to replace your bras in the new year. Do you have a drawer full of bras that have not touched your beautiful skin for some time? Bras that you do not enjoy wearing, but do not have the heart to part with? Bras that you only wear because they are “good” enough, and not because you feel good in them? You are not alone. We’ve all been there.

But this New Year, why not consider making a change? It is time to rid yourself of those old bras and begin anew with fresh ones. The start of the New Year is a great time for us to rethink and re-evaluate our lives before making the improvements we want and need. We firmly believe that among those positive changes, there is a place for those concerning your intimates drawer.

Making this kind of change can be hard, especially if you are trying out something new for the first time. You might be feeling anxious and unsure whether it will work out or not. But be not afraid – here, at Empress Mimi, we believe in giving people what they need when they need it most. And what you need right now is a new bra! So put some new bras on your New Year wish list while the chance is still here! If you are still hesitant and need help with your decision, here are our top 5 reasons to replace your bras in 2023:

Reason #1: You haven’t measured your bra size in years

If it has been some time since you last measured your bra size, it is time to do it now. There are several types of tissue making up your breats that can change with hormonal fluctuations, weight changes, and age. Therefore, it is entirely normal for your bra size tyo change frequently too! Need help? Reach out to our Pixies or check out Empress Mimi’s size guide to determine your current size.

Reason #2: Your bras are uncomfortable

Never settle for a bra that is uncomfortable to wear. Your breasts only deserve the best, and if there’s a bra in your wardrobe that makes them uncomfortable, it is time to retire it. Instead, try something new! Make 2023 the year when you ditch the underwires that are pinching your ribcage. Let it be the year to wear bras that embrace every part of you and make you feel amazing every time you wear them.

Reason #3: The hardware in your bra is falling apart

Even the best bras wear out over time. Wear-and-tear and laundering will exhaust the hardware of your bra over time. That’s okay! It’s natural and it happens to the best of them. Do not wait for it to get worse once you see the first signs of trouble. Replace your bras before they fail you to keep enjoying their benefits and support. You can find a huge choice of stylish replacements here:

Reason #4: Your bras are boring

There is nothing superstitious about letting your bras be fun. You can reflect your personal style and personality in your bra. It doesn’t have to be boring and bland; you can express yourself through it.

Be sure to pick the colors, patterns and features to suit your taste so you will look forward to putting on your full figure bras every day. Get rid of the bras you don’t like and buy the ones that make you excited. If you wear them, you should enjoy them!

Reason #5: Your bras don’t make your feel beautiful

Knowing that you look irresistible makes you feel good. And feeling good is the first step to doing great things.

Here, at Empress Mimi, we believe you should feel beautiful every second, every minute, and every hour of every day. This feeling starts from within and radiates outward. You will feel more confident and inspired when you wear a fabulous bra. Helping you feel empowered no matter what you do is our greatest desire, and that is why we have created our line of bras for women who want to make a statement.

Let’s make this year great for everyone who wishes so, and start this with feeling beautiful from within!

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