The Secret Lingerie Boutique That Victoria Doesn’t Want You to Know: La Femme Dangereuse

Whether it’s for him, for her, for them, or just for yourself, there is no denying just how sexy you feel in the perfect lingerie. The search for that exemplary nighttime attire can be stressful—it’s not easy to find something that supports and accentuates every gorgeous curve. Or is it? Allow me to introduce to you the secret lingerie boutique that takes out the aggravation and preserves the sexiness of the experience. It’s the secret lingerie boutique that Victoria doesn’t want you to know: La Femme Dangereuse.

Purchasing sexy attire is one way to boost your confidence, but for many the experience can be rather embarrassing. You’re hustling through crowds of other people, searching through endless clothes that have been touched and tossed by countless hands before you, wading through different sizing of different brands, and stressing to find one employee who is not already overworked and exhausted. Now imagine stepping into a quiet boutique where the material is soft, all lingerie is displayed delicately, and you are taken care of individually by the passionate and friendly owner, Nikky. Now wouldn’t that be an experience worth indulging in?  

La Femme Dangereuse is a small, charming boutique located in Woodbury, NY. Even if you don’t live close by, you can easily search through their store on La Femme Dangereuse’s website. From the moment you step into La Femme Dangereuse, you feel like a true princess. The clothing is elegant, the fabric is irresistible to the touch, and the style is all around sexy and sophisticated. You can find an array of bedroom attire such as bras, panties, garters, sleepwear, robes, active-wear, and many more gorgeous accessories. Anything you could fantasize is right there, draped carefully along wooden shelves and hangers.

No matter what alluring look you’re going for, La Femme Dangereuse has it leveled up and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for bras with intricate lace patterns like the Wish- Demi Full Lace Cup- Simone Perele, something more titillating like the Sheer Black Tank with Lace- Escora, or even something more soft and sexy like the Italia Chemise- Cosabella, La Femme Dangereuse can deliver.

After working all day and hustling through the rush of the summer, sometimes it’s important to sit back for the evening and enjoy feeling good about the way you look. Everyone deserves to feel sexy. Why not give yourself the chance?


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