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The Made In Italy Emilia Fashion Project Arrives In The States

Emilia Fashion is a project representing a selection of the best fashion artisanal manufacturers from Emilia Romagna, Italy, and has been realized to bring high quality Made in Italy in USA.
The designs portray the trendiest Italian lifestyle, ranging from intricate knitwear to innovative leather handbags, graceful children apparel, ethereal wedding dresses, irresistible underwear and stylish total looks for women. These brands just arrived into the American market and their never-before-seen creations are available in several showrooms all over New York City.
Each brand exemplifies creativity and the up-most quality of fabric. In a period where fashion is overwhelmed by copy-cat brand apparel, this is the opportunity to introduce novelty in your wardrobe.
Emilia Romagna is Italy’s home of manufacturing excellence, and this project gathers the best of what this region offers, with the potential of offering trend-setting garments able to satisfy the most fashionable customers.
If you are looking for new outfits or accessories to upgrade your style, then look no further.
Here’s a sneak-peak of these exclusive Italian garments:
Phisique Du Role: a pinch of madness   Dismo: designed for a curvy audience             
Foto 9
Kartika: finesse and sophistication     Jei-O’: everyday self-confidence           
Ilenia B: comfort and top quality            Le Fate: bright and colorful taste                             
Rita Dassenno: elegance and sensuality   Leilieve: careful design & perfect fitting                        
Calzificio Caveja: cuddles for your children       Gengi: a fascinating leather  mosaic                        
Blui articolo
Blui: perfection of fabrics and details
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Images provided by Emilia Fashion

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