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So, you want to dip your toes into the trend pool but you don’t know whether to start in the shallow end with a simple strapless top that hints at the current trend cycle. Or, plunge into the deep end with a pair of hot pink cargos paired with a corset top and cowboy boots, for a mishmash of social media’s hottest pieces. In order to be one of those coveted girls that always look cool, walking the line between trendy and timeless, but regardless of their ensemble always look put together and confident, you need to follow a few tips. Though it’s generally true that fashion has no rules, think of these tips as helpful hints to help you along your style journey. 

We explore how to be trendy in a way that doesn’t stray from your established tastes, and should you decide to experiment, how to not break the bank, a quick hint: it includes shopping on eBay. So read on so to find out how to incorporate trends into your wardrobe. 

Find Trends In Line With Your Personal Tastes

The key to shopping trends is to go in with a clear head and a critical eye. You can appreciate the art of a style without necessarily needing to try it due to it not being in line with what you would usually wear. Although you can make allowances for creativity and experimentation if from the get-go a piece looks like something you would only wear once, maybe leave it on the hanger. 

Even those of us who don’t have a clearly defined personal style, still have our own tastes and pieces that we favour, so whilst it can be tempting to pick up an item because all your friends or all of social media are wearing it if it goes against what makes you feel comfortable, it isn’t for you. Currently, maxi skirts are on trend, this is a really versatile piece as even if you tend to go for a hemline that’s a few inches north, this can be styled in so many different ways. So, it can be chopped and changed with existing pieces in your wardrobe to fit with your style and easily transition into an item you wear on the regular. 

Alternatively, there is the cargo pant trend that has been saturating our socials as of late. This is such an interesting style and is reminiscent of the Y2K era that’s been having a resurgence. However, the cargo leans a little more into an already established look. Even though it can be styled so that it isn’t overtly casual or even tomboyish, it still doesn’t have the versatility of the maxi skirt, and for that reason, unless they are something that already fits within your existing wardrobe, we would say try and only shop styles you know will get mileage.

Try To Steer Clear Of Micro Trends

In a similar vein to shopping trends that fit within your existing wardrobe, the ultra-stylish amongst us tend to stay away from micro-trends. Whilst we’ve already discussed the example of a maxi skirt versus cargo pants, neither one of these are micro-trends, both will come in and out of fashion due to the nature of the trend cycle, but a micro-trend does not abide by these rules. A micro-trend is a generally cheaper item that is hypersaturated across social media and only meant to last one season. 

The explosion of micro-trends has come as a direct result of dressing for social media, the particular piece is usually extremely photogenic but not necessarily as wearable in daily life. The original item isn’t always fast fashion but it does spur a slew of cheaper dupes. Unless you find a micro-trend that you happen to love outside of its explosive but ultimately limited popularity, it is best to avoid these altogether.  

Shop Them Second Hand

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When it comes to shopping trends it can be difficult to try to decipher when to splurge and when to opt for the cheaper option. If you opt for the more expensive route in order to shop more consciously and ethically, you can end up paying for a piece you ultimately can’t afford if you don’t wear it over and over again. Yet, if you go the cheaper route, whilst it is much more affordable, you’re paying for a piece that may not be well made and contribute to the fast fashion cycle.

 So, where is the middle ground? When shopping for more experimental and trendy pieces, the best place to look is the second-hand store. Shopping vintage or secondhand ensures you’re not contributing to a damaging industry and yet you also don’t have to hand over your first child in order to pay for a popular tube top. If you’re wanting a more curated situation instead of trawling through your local op-shop, shopping online through sites like eBay will ensure that you can tailor your search to your particular point of interest.

Style is so personal, even with new trends coming out each season, each person will put their own unique spin on it. The key takeaway is to feel confident in what you wear when you leave your home to face the world each day. So, instead of shopping pieces simply because they’re saturating your feed, shop mindfully, shop ethically, and shop for items that are going to make you feel incredible. 

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