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Swimwear Trends That Influencers are Going Crazy For

swimwear trends

Today we want to talk about swimwear trends that influencers are going crazy for. Fashion trends are becoming more and more important over the years, largely because of social media. Most people have access to the internet and social media sites, which means influencers can reach millions of viewers in a matter of hours. Hot trends are becoming widely popular all over the world as now it’s easy for millions of viewers to see what’s in and what’s not.

Current trends are taking on a flashier, more risqué look. Modest styles and muted tones aren’t really making waves anymore, and influencers are all about daring outfits and swimsuits that mix art with fashion. A few trends are still hot from last year, but currently, it’s all about unique patterns, showing some skin and coordinated outfits. 

Here’s a look at the top five swimwear trends that influencers are going crazy for.

1.     Cutout swimsuits

Showing some skin has become widely accepted on most public and private beaches. Cutout swimsuits that fit like a one-piece but have large sections of the stomach, chest or back showing have become very popular. Stars such as Bella Hadid have plugged this look, making influencers very interested.

These cutout suits are fun because you get more coverage than a two-piece, but you can still have a daring amount of skin showing depending on where the suit is cut out. Influencers are especially interested in cutout suits that boast fun and vibrant patterns. A 70s pattern or bold and bright color will perfectly match your cutout swimsuit this summer. 

2.     Coordinated outfits

Sensual blonde in bikini chilling in pool

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

If you know you’ll be around water all day, it’s a good idea to consider a coordinated outfit. Matching your swimsuit with a cover-up or coordinating a matching outfit with your swimsuit top and bottoms are hot on the influencer radar. Say goodbye to covering your gorgeous swimwear with a baggy shirt and sweatpants, and hello to a matching outfit.

This trend is hot for everyone and can work in a variety of ways. You can achieve any look or style with coordinated outfits and change your style based on your beach or pool destination. If you’re looking for great plus size skorts to create a coordinated outfit around, consider using a fun swim top with a cover-up shawl to complete your look.  

3.     Upside-down triangle tops

One of the sole remaining trends from last year is the upside-down triangle top. It’s a spin on wearing the traditional triangle top, but it gives the look a more daring and flashy style. Tons of stars have promoted this trend, making it a go-to for influencers for the past year or so.

There have been many variations of this style, from simply flipping the bathing suit upside-down, crisscrossing the straps around the neck, to wearing it as a strapless piece. You have many options with this style, which is why influencers can’t get enough of it.

Whichever way you decide to wear your upside-down triangle top, remember to cover your skin with sunscreen and healing lotion. Protecting your skin always has and always will be popular with influencers worldwide.

4.     Cheeky/revealing bottoms

swimwear trends

Photo by Jess Loiterton on Pexels

Influencers and stars alike are obsessed with this trend. Wearing bottoms that are very cheeky and revealing is a hot trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. From stars such as the Kardashians, who wear thong bottoms on vacations, to influencers such as Addison Rae wearing her bikini bottoms high on her hips, it’s a trend that everyone seems to love.

One of the reasons this is such a popular trend is because you can achieve this look with almost any bathing suit bottom. If you have a standard bikini bottom and pull the sides up over your hips, it goes from regular coverage to a much trendier option. This means you won’t have to go out and buy new bottoms to stay in touch with this hot trend.

5.     Underwire tops

A trend that’s making a huge comeback after being absent for many years is underwire tops. Influencers are raving over swimsuit tops with underwire and padding to provide extra support for a long day on the beach or sipping drinks by the pool.

These tops help you feel confident at any pool party or on vacation with the family because everything feels more secure. You won’t have to worry about things slipping out as much as you would with a typical bikini top. Try to find one with a fun pattern or a bold color, and you’ll be on every influencer’s hot list.

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