Style Sonata Offers the Link Between Fashion and Artistic Expression

The hunt for beauty and art is an entire wondrous life-style filled with adventure and imagination. It takes a certain artistic spirit to want to explore every last corner of the world’s potential in both travel and creation. Style Sonata offers the link between fashion and artistic expression with their countless collections of unique accessories. These treasures are designed by artists inspired by their life’s unpredictable journey day after day. We were lucky enough to speak with Marketing Manager Micha Alleyne who puts passion into every word and wrings out every last drop of such a beautiful life.


Cliché: What is it about Style Sonata that rings “adventure” and “freedom?”

Micha Alleyne: Bunny initially started Style Sonata as a true love for creativity and art. She is someone who is very involved in that world and started as a passion to create a platform to expose all of these different types of artists. We hand pick designers that have that artistic spirit. What you’re getting is a masterpiece and a unique vision of self-expression that come in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or hand-bangs. The women that we speak to, they know themselves; they operate on the highest level of self-expression and self-awareness. Style Sonata does the dirty work for them and exposes them to this array of truly one-of-a-kind pieces that allow them to express themselves on a higher level. It’s about that individual perspective.


In Bunny Touby Fayne’s message, she talks about how much she loves the “process that artists go through to make art.” What part of the process is Style Sonata a part of when designers are creating their accessories?

We let them do their own thing; we are just the platform that connects each designer to create these unique inspirations. We think of ourselves as providing a new type of luxury and that luxury is the luxury of the rare and undiscovered. Some designers are inspired by travel, some are inspired by art, so we let the them do their own thing. We really want to bring these pieces to life and bring justice to these pieces and the story behind them. We provide that connection, that front-row seat. You speak of your followers as people who don’t settle for the status quo and we really relate to that because we don’t settle either. We attract people who are discerning and on top of anything that is cutting edge, or just different.


What is meant by “a new type of luxury?”

People crave experiences and things that are exotic and different. We want to offer that experience and that’s the luxury that we’re talking about. Maybe you can’t take a visit to Cuba, but you can look at one of our collections by Katie Bartels who was inspired by her experiences in Cuba and created a vibrant collection. It’s all about an experience and knowing that you’re getting something that’s one-of-a-kind and something that was inspired by living life. Kind of like when you have “farm to table” we have workshop to closet where you can’t get these pieces anywhere else, but you’ll find Madonna wearing them, Gabrielle Union, Meryl Streep, Blake Lively, Halle Berry, JLo, the list goes on. We give them the front row seat to designers that are on the verge of their own breakthroughs. They’re not mass market, so they are special, they are the new luxury. We speak to the wanderers at heart. Bunny, the founder, is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. She’s witty, she’s quirky, and she loves to live life to the fullest and express herself at the highest level possible.


What kinds of stories do Style Sonata and the designers behind the collections tell?

We think of ourselves as a destination, not just as an online store, but where people can come and share adventures with a fashion twist. We have the Key of B which is our platform to tell stories, some are fashion related and some aren’t. What we’ve really been working on this year is making the personality of Style Sonata shine through, not just the designers that we curate, but with the stories that we tell.


What do you wish to inspire in your customers?

We wish to inspire a sense of wonder and self-expression. We want people to appreciate the curation that we’ve put a lot of thought into putting together and to take it to the next level. We want them to break all of the rules and break their identity and their own sense of style. We want them to use us a medium to do so. We want them to live life and just be bold! Whoever they are, we just want them to embody that 100%, and we are here to help them accessorize it.

How does Style Sonata inspire you?

Yes! Style Sonata is a multicultural team. I am half Trinidadian and half Jamacian, I live in LA, I have lived in over 7 cities my lifetime. I was recently in Australia and it was the most amazing trip ever. I was running through the streets through rain and sun, trying to pack everything I could into one trip! I am always on the go; I’m big on adventure and traveling. When I joined the Style Sonata team at the beginning of last year, my goal was to really capture what Style Sonata meant. Bunny has this specific vision and she really spent a long time trying to curate the designers that we do have and it was important for me to take all of that and put it into visuals and words and stories and motions to make people try to understand what Style Sonata is and gather people with a similar mindset and convey that message.


What is your process to decide which designers and what pieces are featured in your collection?

We really have to be very intentional of the pieces that we’re curating. They have to truly be one-of-a-kind. Quality is important to us, so we’re all about extraordinary craftsmanship. We are trying to curate designers who are extraordinary at what they do- not just creative, but great quality. We are looking for independent designers, we want one-of-a-kind conversation starters, those adventure inspired pieces. We want them to tell a story and be highly self-expressive. If they have those elements, then they are a good fit for Style Sonata.


Which pieces or collections would you recommend to our readers for the close of the summer and beginning of fall?

That’s a tough question; there are so many good ones! I’m obsessed with Amanda Pearl. Her pieces are exquisite. I love that she took a traditionally conservative staple jewelry item and she has just blown it out of the park. She has wrap-around rings, quill bracelets, and her octo clutches. She has a new line of blues, yellows, and lots of other beautiful colors for summer.

We just brought on a new designer, Third Crown. They have these really bold statement pieces of gold and silver jewelry. They’re inspired by architectural and structural lines. They’re good pieces for day and night. I like pieces that have an easy transition like that.

A fun collection for summer is Katie Bartels. She was the one that I was talking about earlier with the collection inspired by Cuba. Her earrings are fun with vibrant colors and tassels.

Andrea Gutierrez has a lot of well made, gold pieces and leather pieces. They work well for stacking, or as a really nice statement piece to really carry out an outfit.

What I really like about all of these designers is that they all use exotic materials such as sapphires and rubies. They pair each of them with inspiration from all of these adventures. So now you get all of this fine jewelry that has been hand-crafted.


How do you see Style Sonata evolving in the future?

We want to evolve beyond our accessories and look at all of the different ways artistic expressions explores. Accessories are really just the tip of the iceberg, so we definitely want to expand our existing inventory of designers and we want to continue to evolve into that destination that we were talking about earlier. You’re not coming to Style Sonata just to shop; you’re coming for an experience. We’re feeding the mind and that craving for adventure.


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