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Emily Snider: Em La Jolie

Do you have a favorite place(s) to shop? 
I am on the J.Crew bandwagon with a lifetime membership. I also really love Gap for staple pieces and Anthropologie for statement pieces, and it is definitely not beneath me to browse in a thrift shop once in a while.
How do you keep your skin looking and feeling healthy during the fall?
Like I mentioned, I exfoliate regularly, which helps keep all the dirt and dust from this season at bay. I also use Olay face lotion for sensitive skin and Almay’s natural foundation. For the rest of my body, I switch to a body wash that has a cream base, like Dove’s, because it hydrates skin. If that doesn’t work, any of Lush’s lotions are a sure way to combat the effects of dry fall weather.  
What’s the one thing that you think is the biggest fall trend or soon-to-be?
I would say that floppy cloth hats are making a big comeback this season. Also, from walking around Paris, I’ve seen a lot of chunky sweaters with leather pants this season—although it could really just be a European look!
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