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Emily Snider: Em La Jolie

What is your favorite piece(s) from your wardrobe? 
Such a tough question. My current favorite piece is actually something I recently acquired in Prague—a colorful scarf with deep burgundy and olive tones. It complements both my skin tone and hair color very well, and it also just reminds me of one of my favorite cities!
How do you pick out your outfit for the day?
The weather plays a huge role in outfits for me. Usually when I leave my apartment, I am gone for the long haul, so I like to account for the outdoor conditions. Most of the time, I depend on a mix-and-match of trusty staple pieces, but every so often I get inspiration for a new outfit and I absolutely must wear it as soon as possible.
Describe or mention the perfect, comfortable shoes for the modern day woman-on-the-go.
Call me practical, but I will vouch for loafers until the end of time. They’re comfortable and professional but also cute and able to go with any outfit. My pair also has a slight heel that clacks on flooring, which makes me feel extra confident and assertive when I walk into a room.

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