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Summer Wardrobe

Whenever spring starts to hit, we can’t help but look towards the summer. We all long for those warmer days with more sunlight in the sky and drawn-out evenings. It’s the best time of year – especially if you spend the last few months battling the winter blues. Summer is a time to get excited, though you’ve still got a couple of months to go! 

Part of the joy of summer is the fashion. It’s completely different from autumn and winter, letting you whip out the vibrant colors and enjoy more expressive outfits. Many of us spend our spring weeks preparing for summer by putting a seasonal wardrobe together. It’s time to say goodbye to all your winter clothes and hello to the summer essentials. 

To be honest, the sooner you start buying summer clothes the better. As you get closer to the peak of summer, all the trending things sell out and you’re left waiting for restocks. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you as you get your hands on these summer wardrobe essentials right now: 

Summer Wardrobe

Summer Dresses

It’s no summer if you don’t have a handful of summer dresses in your wardrobe. They come in all styles, but it’s good to have at least one of each: 

  • A maxi dress
  • A cover-up dress (ideal for when you go to the beach)
  • A sundress (a very lightweight and long dress made to feel cool in the sun)

There aren’t any strict rules here (obviously) so have a look at what’s out there and pick the dresses you feel most comfortable in. Try to aim for ones that can be worn fairly often in different scenarios – that’s why we chose the three above. If you have three fairly versatile dresses in each category, then you’ve got many options for countless outings. 


Every year it feels like there’s a new sandals trend when summer rolls around. We’ve lived through the cloud slides era, but what’s around the corner for summer 2024? Different fashion experts have differing opinions and many think that quite chunky sandals are going to be a hit this year. Others think that the classic thong flip-flop will make a comeback, so you’ve already got a few options to choose from. 

Again, we believe the best way to prepare your summer wardrobe is by thinking practically. You’re going to need different sandals for different occasions, so try to get two pairs that fit into these categories: 

  • “Smart” sandals you can wear to dinners or nights out
  • “Casual” sandals that are perfect for everyday wear or going to the beach

There’s no need to buy loads of different sandals to fit all the current trends as most of the footwear you wore throughout autumn/winter/spring is suitable here too. You’re going to wear those chunky white sneakers a lot, and you can easily slip on a pair of heels when you’re going out. 


Why do we enjoy summer so much? Because the hot weather creates the ideal setting for beach and pool days! With that in mind, you need to get your hands on a good bikini or swimsuit for this summer season. 

People debate which is better out of the two, but the honest answer is that both are excellent in their own ways. If anything, you should have at least one bikini AND a swimsuit in your wardrobe. Sometimes you want to cover up a bit more while still enjoying the pool or beach, which is where swimsuits become incredibly practical. 

Of course, you can’t go through summer without at least one bikini. Current trends are all about very simple designs using bold pastel colors and stripes. As with every item on this list, the style is up to you and your preferences – however, we do have one thing we’d like to encourage you to consider: Buy high-quality swimwear from small businesses. 

You find far too many fashion companies selling bikinis or swimsuits for pennies these days, and they’re usually very poor quality. It means you wear a bikini for one summer and it’s not good enough to wear again. We need to clamp down on fast fashion like this, so pay a little extra for high-quality swimwear from smaller brands. It’s much nicer, lasts for way longer, and you’re supporting small fashion businesses


This might sound strange (especially given what we just discussed) but cheap sunglasses are a good bet for summer.  Wait, here us out! Everyone should try and have one cheap pair and one expensive pair. The cheap ones are used when you know they might get dirty. They’re also handy to carry around in your bag without a case, so they don’t take up much room. 

The expensive ones are there for quality and longevity. They’ll (hopefully) last for many summers to come – which is why these sunglasses need to be timeless. Pick a design that will always be fashionable, rather than one of the current sunglasses trends

That’s where the cheap ones come in handy again; these can be the ones you buy to mimic the trends this year. It doesn’t matter if the trend quickly goes out of style as these sunglasses are cheap and you get a decent amount of use out of them. 


One thing we didn’t mention about sunglasses is their importance for protecting your eyes from the sun. Following this trail of thought, hats are another essential summer wardrobe item for sun protection. They stop your head from being exposed to the sun, which can prevent heat damage to your hair and stop you from getting sunburnt. 

Does this mean you need to wear loads of boring hats? No! You will find plenty of trendy designs and ideas out there to suit your wants and needs. We think getting a few caps is a fine idea. They’re versatile and can be worn with loads of different outfits. If you’re hoping for a classier look, then a more traditional sun hat could be right up your street too. 


Summer WardrobeDo you ever get that feeling during winter when it’s so cold you can’t fathom the idea of wearing shorts? Every day is a jogger day inside – and even then you need to turn the heating up. Then, when summer comes around, you find it uncomfortable to wear simple long-legged clothes like jeans or leggings. You need some shorts, so make sure you have some for this summer. 

The sheer variety of shorts styles is crazy these days, and we’re sure you have some you prefer more than others. A few that we think are good additions to your wardrobe include: 

  • Cycling/gym shorts (perfect for regular lounging around or when paired with an oversized sweatshirt)
  • Jersey shorts (a brilliant replacement for sweatpants in the summer)
  • Denim shorts (nothing screams “summer” like a pair of blue denim shorts)

Lightweight Trousers

We just went on a spiel about how uncomfortable it is to wear long trousers in summer, yet getting a few pairs of lightweight trousers is a good idea. The difference between these and normal trousers is that they’re: 

  1. Lightweight and breathable, and;
  2. Designed to fit loosely on your legs

They’re the perfect accompaniment to evening summer meals when the sun goes down and you get a bit colder than usual. Plus, they’re super comfortable and stylish – especially when you get ones made from cotton. You’ve got loads of summer trouser trends to look at in preparation for the hottest months, but a simple pair of black and white striped ones will be excellent for anyone. 

Light Jackets

While we’re talking about lightweight clothing, let’s give a nod to jackets. Coats aren’t as important during the summer, which is why many of them will stay on their hooks. Instead of wearing puffer jackets or raincoats, you’ll need some light jackets to wear over your outfits. They provide an extra layer for when it gets dark while also helping you feel more put together and less exposed. 

A few styles that work perfectly here are: 

  • Denim jackets
  • Cardigans
  • Bomber jackets
  • Zip-up casual hoodies

You want something that can fit over your outfit without being too thick or overbearing. It’s something you’ll take off when you’re inside and mainly wear when it’s dark or as you move from place to place throughout the day/evening. 

Simple Tops and Vests

Finally, we can’t end without talking about simple tops and vests. Buy some plain white and black tees and they’ll immediately pair with just about any summer outfit you can think of. Vests are a great choice for when it gets super hot too, so you can leave your arms exposed. 

You want the tops to be pretty light and breathable, so avoid thick and heavy options as they’ll be too hot in the summer sun. Start putting your summer wardrobe together now before all the good stuff sells out. You’ll also be well ahead of the action, meaning you won’t spend ages bemoaning your lack of clothes when summer rolls around.

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