Spring 14 Preview: #KORETOFFDUTY

It might seem hard to believe that spring is right around the corner, especially here in NYC, where it feels more like an Arctic ice cap as of late. In the meantime, we’re going to pretend that our favorite season really will be here before we know it, which means we’re daydreaming of spring-inspired fashion. Our accessory of choice for the upcoming season? Nothing less than a finely-crafted KORET new york handbag, of course, perfect for any city girl on and off-duty during the balmy months of spring and into the sizzling summer season.

KORET new york, a handbag line first designed and manufactured by Richard Koret in 1929 and worn by style icons such as Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy, has recently been relaunched as a full line of classically-inspired, modern handbags that appeal to chic city girls. Cliché caught up with KORET’s Manager of Media Relations Leanna Brittis and KORET’s Creative Director Louis Brown to find out more about this recently revived, classic line of functionally fabulous handbags. 


Cliché: What is the inspiration behind the Spring 2014 line?
Leanna: Spring 14 is all about the city girl’s life off-duty during the spring and summer months. She is hitting the rooftop parties, trekking to Brooklyn for drinks and dinner, or browsing the Chelsea art galleries. The collection offers up something for each of these occasions, whether it be the ORI White Croco Tote to schlep all her stuff in from the workday, or the fun, iridescent Beekman crossbody to throw on!

How does the KORET style of today differ from that of the 20th century?
Louis: It doesn’t differ much. We use the same formula that Richard Koret did because it worked then and it works today. The approach to quality and the construction is the same. I’m continuously working on great designs as well as sourcing the best materials. As stewards of the Richard Koret legacy, we adopted this approach as if we were his direct lineage.

How do KORET handbags bridge the gap between both classic and contemporary style/design?
Louis: With classic silhouettes with modern functions, design detailing, and materials. A satchel is a satchel. For example, our ORI dome satchel is similar to the speedy shape, which has been around since the sixties, but is still fresh today. It’s been updated with an origami-inspired theme.

What is the ideal KORET girl like?
Louis: The KORET girl is a woman with neotraditional values with a tomboy chic sophistication. She functions in a major metropolitan — New York, LA, Paris, or London. She comes from an uptown pedigree but has a downtown sensibility.

What was Richard Koret’s original vision for this line of handbags?
Louis: Based strictly on the information we have, we surmised that he wanted to bring something new to the market, like Dior’s groundbreaking “New Look,” by offering women what they didn’t know they needed or wanted through innovative design, hardware, unique leathers, and exotic European materials.

What sets KORET handbags apart from other U.S.-based handbag lines and designs?

Louis: Eighty years of history and our approach to effortless style and affordable nontraditional luxury, focusing on contemporary ideas and great craftsmanship.

Look out for the KORET new york Spring 14 line of handbags featured in the Feb/March issue of Cliché Magazine. In the meantime, check out more #KORETOFFDUTY looks on their website here.

Spring 14 Preview: #KORETOFFDUTY. Photos courtesy of KORET new york

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