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Saltwater Luxe Offers Versatile Beach Style

Saltwater Luxe Offers Versatile Beach Style

If our bodies are a canvas, clothes can be art. That’s the theory that Saltwater Luxe founders Christa and Kristy subscribe to. Both women grew up with an adoration for style. “I have always loved fashion and being creative since I was a child,” says Christa. “To me, fashion is a way to express yourself. I have found that clothing conveys so much about our personalities and who we are.” Krista echoes that joy, remembering, “Ever since I was a child, I loved fashion and I always found personal style to be a great way to express yourself. I think that fashion should always make someone feel their best, whether you are having a casual day at home, brunch with friends, or a date.” 

Saltwater Luxe was born out of a perceived need for upscale attire that could usually transition from a beach to a party. “The two of us worked in the surf industry for quite some time, but we definitely felt like there was a void in the market for a beach/feminine brand. So after constantly looking for the perfect balance of beach chic and luxury that could be worn anywhere, Saltwater Luxe was established. We love to create custom one-of-a-kind textures and feminine floral prints. Saltwater Luxe offers feel good pieces to women everywhere.” Retro dreams can be discovered oceanside. It was also imperative that the clothes be practical and functional. “We both draw inspiration from vintage clothing and the beach lifestyle, thus creating a feminine clothing line created for confident females. With that being said, we are both moms, so our vibe and aesthetic also needs to be something easy to throw on and go – something that can be worn to morning drop off with sneakers, but also dressed up in the evening for date night or dinner with friends.”

The Saltwater Luxe woman embodies whimsy and playful boldness. With such a defined style, you’ll be the main character of any scenario. “She is a dreamer and a lover, she is confident but feminine,” explain the duo. “Her style is effortlessly chic and her wardrobe reflects that. The SWL babe is unapologetically feminine, whether she is at the beach, brunch with her girlfriends, or a night out on the town. She is guaranteed to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression. We want the Saltwater Luxe girl to feel that each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind and the perfect addition to her wardrobe.” 

Colder weather provides even more of a chance to make a statement! Christa and Kristy have literally got you covered. “We love the holidays/winter. It’s such a fun season for us. We get to design fun party pieces that we want to wear to all of our holiday events. We are so excited about our sequin star top and mini dress. We also look forward to wearing our gold faux leather skirt and jacket! For fall, we tend to focus on transitional pieces that can be layered. When the weather cools down, we love to layer our dresses with jackets and sweaters and add some boots for a cool fall vibe.” No matter the temperature, Saltwater Luxe will deliver style for every occasion. “Although we research trends and watch the runway shows, we love to stay true to who we are. We will always want to create essential pieces to wear all season long, from flowy dresses to two-piece sets. Our goal is to always create timeless clothing.” Looking your best never goes out of style. 

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Saltwater Luxe Offers Versatile Beach Style. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Saltwater Luxe.

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