Blogger of the Month: Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies

Envision yourself doing what you love on a daily basis and then it becoming something entirely bigger that can not only support your lifestyle, but inspire others as well. Sounds like magic, right? We believe that this can happen to each and every one of us with hard work, positivity, and a fierceness that cannot be faltered. Rachel Parcell―wife, mommy, business owner, and blogger of Pink Peonies―is living proof of this.

As a resident of Utah, Parcell began blogging in 2010 as a hobby and way to remember her first year of marriage with her hubby. After having her wedding featured on the cover of Utah Valley Brides Magazine, her blog quickly gained spotlight from women around the world, as well as major fashion brands and businesses.
With the growth of her blog as a go-to site for women to gain fashion, beauty, and even home decor inspiration, another business venture found itself on the horizon for Parcell. The creation of her own fashion line, Rachel Parcell, was founded in 2016 featuring classic, feminine pieces that reflect her signature style. Did we mention that she can do it all? With a family of five, including her fur baby, she’s a force to be reckoned with that is as sweet as can be.

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Cliché: Both your family and blog have blossomed over the years. How do you find a balance between your personal and business happenings?
Rachel Parcell: It’s really hard for me to find balance, but the best way I’ve done it is to separate my days out. I have days when I’m at home with my kids playing on the floor in my sweats (not glamorous at all!), and then I have days where I go into the office and have several meetings, conference calls, and photoshoots for upcoming projects for both my blog and clothing line. I’ve found that this schedule is what works best for me and helps me find balance in my life so that when I’m at work I can be focused and get everything done, and when I’m home, I can be fully dedicated to my kids.
Where do you gain inspiration for the pieces in your fashion brand?
I gain inspiration from the Pinterest, Fashion Forecasting books, and my favorite fashion magazines. I also love to look at my readers’ Instagram accounts to see what type of silhouettes and clothing they’re wearing, what colors they like, etc.
Where are your top places to find clothing for your children? Any hopes in creating your own children’s fashion line one day?
Oh my gosh, I love to dress my kids and coordinate mine and Isla’s outfits! My favorite places to shop for both my kids are Zara, Gap, and Old Navy. Honestly, I’m so busy with my blog and clothing line that I haven’t given a children’s fashion line much thought, but maybe one day.

The thing I’ve gained most from being a businesswoman is confidence in myself.

It’s truly motivational to see how much you have been able to build with your business. How do you motivate yourself to keep pushing forward? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or in a rut?
I’m a mom of two, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed, but I try to take it one day at a time. Whenever I’m in a rut, I remind myself why I do the things I do and it’s because I have such a love and passion for it. And that’s what motivates me the most! The industry I’m in is full of so many talented people, some of which have become close friends, and what they do inspires me and pushes me to keep going.
What have you gained from being a businesswoman?
The thing I’ve gained most from being a businesswoman is confidence in myself. I was able to take something I love and turn it into a successful business, which has proven that I can do anything I work hard at! My one tip would be to just do it.
We have seen your blog, Pink Peonies, bloom beautifully from its creation to where it is today. Do you have any upcoming ideas in the works that you can share with our readers?
I have a few fun projects coming down the pipeline that I’m excited about! Some of them include Nordstrom and Amazon’s live fashion show, Style Code Live. My new spring collection for my clothing line is launching soon as well. Stay tuned!

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