Beauty Looks Inspired By Our Favorite TV Shows

Television shows are always being pitched, filmed, promoted, and premiered every single season. Sometimes there seems to be such a menagerie that presents itself all at once that we cannot keep up. Each one, however, is as unique as its storyline is as familiar. The girl next door glows with rosy cheeks and just a hint of a lip stain, while the boy from the wrong side of the tracks sports a slicked back hairstyle to give off a dark, yet irresistible look. As subtle as certain aspects of a show may feel, they each play a part and help bring a plot together. Just as the setting, costumes, cinematography, and soundtrack do this, so does the beauty of it.

The shade of lipstick chosen for a certain scene, how mascara looks when dripping from crying eyes, and tousled locks being caressed by a romantic interest are all forms of art itself. Every application on a character’s face has a purpose and is a part of their background, story, and journey. A character may begin as a shy, naive soul with mousy long locks and minimal makeup, but may be seen one last time before the credits with a short, platinum bob and bright red lipstick, representing not only how much they’ve changed, but how the events that played out within the storyline molded them.
As much as the Cliché family and I binge-watch certain TV shows, we are highlighting the latest and greatest that are currently being screened and streamed like no other—and focusing on the drop-dead beauty looks donned by some of the most iconic characters we’ve met—plus showing how you can create them at home! So get comfortable and start binge-reading about makeup applications seen on some of today’s it girls. We’re sure you’ll feel like you’ll be ready for a red carpet premiere when trying one out yourself.

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