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Plus Size Fashion Trends you Can´t Afford to Miss

Over the past couple of years, women’s plus size fashion has changed drastically. It is great to see more designers are responding to the fact that most women are not a size 6 or 8. They are far curvier.

In fact, right here in the states the average woman is now a size 16.  As a result, more retailers are starting to focus on plus size fashion. Right now, it is a great sector of the market to be following. The emergence of new fabrics and innovative ways to use them is leading to some truly interesting and stylish designs.
Denim on denim
DDenim photoenim is back. The fact that this fabric is good quality makes it is easy to make clothes that keep their shape and hang well. This is great for creating a smoother silhouette.
It is also really easy to build a little extra support into this fabric. Stretch denim can be tailored so that it hugs the figure, and act a little like a very gentle corset. A lot of women love the smoothing effect a pair of high-waisted denim jeans can have on their figure.
The current trend is to wear denim in layers. This look works really well for most women and it is a look that is super easy to personalize.
Rock Tees
If you do not like wearing only denim you can always take the middle ground by adding some rock tees to your wardrobe. These bold designs work particularly well for plus-size women. They pop out at you and look particularly good when worn with a denim skirt or jeans.
Eighties style tops
off-the-shoulder-80s-dressMany of the clothes that are available, right now, are inspired by the eighties. During this era top lengths were long, and the cuts were baggier. This type of cut is a great way to show off your curves, without having to worry about the bulges showing. It is a cut that is very flattering, great fun to wear and extremely versatile. This style of top looks just as good when worn with a suit as it does with a pair of jeans.
Tropical Prints
Big bold prints tend to overwhelm and swamp small women, but they look fantastic on those women who wear plus-size fashion. This year, it is tropical prints that are the most popular. These bold, zany designs are a great way to add interest and have a bit of fun.
They are particularly nice for a holiday or party, but can just as easily be worn in everyday settings. The trick is to pair them with something plain. For example, a tropical print blouse would look fantastic with a pair of cream pants or a dark skirt.
Working out what works for you
If the above has inspired you to hit the shops this weekend take the time to read this article first. It explains how to correctly identify your body type and which cuts are most likely to work best for you. Using this information will enable you to quickly select the clothes that are most likely to look great on you. Saving you time and the frustration of having to put everything back and start again.
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