New Year, New You, Meet Your New Personal Stylist: Jackie

Do you have a passion for fashion that has lost its meaning as you juggle work, family and all of the passions that make you who you are? The Jackie Subscription Box wants to make sure you never settle for even a fraction of what you deserve. From the leggings you wear at your weekly spin class, to the blazer you wear to work, Jackie wants to become your personal assistant to your best life. All it takes is a five minute style quiz, a one on one phone call with your personal stylist, and the rest of your life to enjoy it. I was able to speak with Creative Content Director, Devon White, who opened up about the meaning behind the one of a kind subscription box that wants to put confidence back in your wardrobe and adventure back in your life.


Jackie started with an ambitious, yet blissful vision from Founder & CEO, Amber Duncan. She imagined a world where she could run multiple businesses, give all the love she could to her five children, and keep up with her fabulous sense of style, while inspiring other women to confidence.


“She tried all of the other subscription boxes, but she just couldn’t find one that fully understood her lifestyle. She wanted to create a company to fill the void that she was feeling from these other companies,” White said.


Amber knew how powerful and essential confidence is for a woman. With the right style and the attitude, confidence can make a woman feel impervious. When Amber created Jackie, she created a platform to inspire women to feel like a million dollars, starting with the clothes that they wear. She wanted to give busy, successful women the ability to curate their ideal wardrobe.


“Jackie was created to inspire women to be confident in who they are. One of the many ways we do that is by providing our clients with a personal stylist; the gateway to their dream wardrobe. We believe that confidence and styling are inseparable. We want to empower the women we style to realize the what confidence means to them. It is truly transformative when that inner confidence is explored. We want to be there to empower and uplift the women that we style. It goes beyond the box of clothes; that’s essential. It’s the service that  we provide. Our big picture goal is to have women look and feel their best every single day.” -Devon White

Jackie truly goes beyond your typical subscription box. You begin by taking a style quiz to help the styling team better understand your unique style. Your results include an in depth analysis on fashion and lifestyle. There are suggestions of clothing to consider and movie, book, and Spotify playlist suggestions that fit your personality and style. This of course, is only the beginning of the big plans that Jackie has for you. While other subscription boxes pull clothing solely based on the quiz, the talented stylists at Jackie use the quiz as a starting point.


“This is just the first interaction and we use this to start and then go beyond the quiz results and figure out style goals for our clients,” White said.


Once you indulge in your results, you can select which subscription box best suits you. There are three options that you can choose: One and Done, Quarterly and Monthly. Once you choose how often you want to receive your box, you can expect to hear from your stylist shortly after. You and your new personal stylist will set up a phone call to get to know one another. From the clothes that you wear, to the ins and outs of your daily schedule, your stylist can’t wait to get to know you!

“There is no way you can build someone’s wardrobe solely based on a quiz. You really have to take the time to have a conversation and truly understand their lifestyle,” White said. “It’s rewarding to foster that kind of a relationship. The truth of the matter is, other subscription boxes can feel impersonal. We love taking the time to get to know the women that we work with.”


The Jackie stylists adore the personal connection. They work hard to get to know you and what sort of wardrobe you’re looking for. Whether you’re a woman who knows exactly what you want, or someone looking to be adventurous and try new styles, these stylists know how to give you exactly what you need.

When you receive your box, you can expect several essential components: roughly five items including anything from denim, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and even candle. Your stylist will even include a handwritten note with your name on it! Jackie stresses the quality of the clothing that they offer. You will always be guaranteed quality essentials in your Jackie Box that withstand daily wear and tear and maintain their quality and style as seasons and trends change.


“We want to provide the kinds of brands that are going to withstand wear and tear and even the changing trends,” White proudly announced.

Jackie is the shopping of the future. We no longer have to sacrifice style over time and success. Jackie gives us the opportunity to do both. Success comes when you feel like your most confident self. Why let another year go by without having the best of both worlds? Seize this opportunity as quickly as you can! It only takes 5 minutes to get started and the rest is history. You will love the unique styling experience that Jackie has waiting for you.

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