Must Have Fashion Apps to Download to Your Phone

must have fashion apps

Today we want to share with you must have fashion apps to download to your phone.  It’s never been easier to stay up to date with the latest trends in fashion thanks to the internet and social media. While traditional print magazines still offer a great experience of being able to flick through the pages, their information can be more than a month old by the time it reaches you.

In a world of fast fashion, speed is crucial in making sure you stay on top of the latest trends. There are several apps that can help you stay on top of these trends, and make sure your wardrobe is refreshed just as quickly.


We’re all accustomed to streaming movies and TV thanks to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. However, there are many niche services out there too, catering to audiences that want to watch content about specific topics. It doesn’t matter which topic either – there is always an app for it. 

For example, Tech TV contains daily updates of tech news, DIY, and science, while the PokerStars TV app streams full-length television shows, classic clips, and interviews direct to your phone. Of course, there’s fashion news too thanks to FTV+ which is available for both iOS and Android. 

With a paid subscription, FTV+ gives you access to 12 live channels covering Fashion Week, fashion parties, top models, and designers. There’s also catch up options for other shows that you may not have caught live.


ShopStyle brings you everything you need for staying on top of fashion without breaking the bank. With 12 million products across lines for men and women from 1,400 retailers including major brands like Nordstrom, Thom Browne, Nike, and Valentino, there is definitely something that’ll suit your style.

The site was launched way back in 2007 but has since been made available on mobile devices with Android and iOS apps. ShopStyle is well loved in the fashion community, with more than five million searches made through its apps and website each week.

PS Dept

If your busy lifestyle doesn’t give you much free time to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends, PS Dept can help by providing you with a personal stylist, any time of the day.

They’ve got partnerships with major fashion brands like Chloe, Derek Lam and Net-A-Porter to help you pick the right outfits with the help of their expert stylists. Once you’ve picked your new clothes, you can purchase right from the app, making the process of updating your wardrobe quick and easy.

By Rotation

There’s a lot of talk about sustainable fashion at the moment as consumers wake up to the issues facing the fashion industry and its supply chains. One of the many solutions to creating more sustainable clothing has been to create products that are durable and can be shared.

This is where By Rotation comes in. Instead of buying your next outfit, you can borrow it from someone else. The service works on a peer-to-peer system and describes itself as the “AirBnB of Fashion”, meaning the app just acts as a facilitator. If you do not want apps but still want a real experience try something real like speed dating London.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is another app that helps to cut down on waste by providing a platform for the fashion community to buy and sell their pre-owned designer items. There are thousands of items on the site, including brands like Gucci, Rolex and Louis Vuitton, but you’ll spend much less than on the high street.

If they don’t currently have what you want for sale, you can create an alert that will notify you when it does get listed. When it does, you can even spread the cost of your purchase with interest-free payments.

With these apps we can stay abreast with all of the latest developments in fashion, get advice on what will suit us best, and then either buy it new, rent it, or buy a pre-owned version at a fraction of the cost. Fashionistas have never had it so good.

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