Morgan Brown: Today’s Superwoman

Morgan BrownIf there’s a woman that can do it all, it’s Morgan Brown. Founder of the company, Morgan Brown Designs, she’s a clever businesswoman, busy mom, and talented designer with an eye for all things stylish and fabulous. Morgan broke into the fashion industry in her teens and has been working diligently since then to build up her name and brand.
At just fourteen years old, Morgan signed with Elite Models. She enjoyed the fast pace of the job, which took her to the great cities of London, Paris, and New York. In addition to rocking the catwalk for about ten years, Morgan used modeling as a learning experience and gained many insights into the world of high fashion and style that would prove useful in her future endeavors.
As a child, Morgan was exposed to the real-estate business. Her father, a prominent real-estate developer, owned several commercial properties. In her youth, Morgan would sit in on meetings with him and discuss projects and ideas. She also had the opportunity to meet architects from all around the world, which led to inspirational experiences, and after the birth of her son, Morgan slowed down her modeling career to branch off into the world of designing and flipping houses. She bought her first house when she was in her mid-twenties and quickly realized that flipping houses was a way of generating income that she had a passion for and realized it was what she wanted to continue doing.
After flipping about six houses, requests for Morgan’s designing and decorating skills started to pour in. Never wanting to settle, Morgan ventured into the world of interior design. Soon after, she started her own company, Morgan Brown Designs, and has made big plans for the future.
Most recently, Morgan took on the Bullock House Project , which she calls her personal favorite. The old home was previously owned by businessman John G. Bullock and his family. When Morgan walked into the house, she instantly saw the its potential and sought to make it into a family home for generations to come. With the goal of adding a modern flair to the classic home, she worked to bring light into the house by changing the flooring and adding vibrant wallpapers and colors on the walls. Her renovations brought details of modernisms into the classic home making it a beautiful and timeless retreat.
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Photographer: Quavondo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Makeup & Hair: Lysette Castellanos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Retoucher: Pratik Naik

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