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We have all been somewhere, perhaps walking down the street or snuggled up in our beds watching a Netflix movie, when we see someone wearing an outfit that we absolutely wish we had. The only problem is, after that moment has passed, we aren’t quite sure what to do with that knowledge. Some of us might try to Google the print, style, or design of the outfit, and some of us might even be adventurous enough to stop someone and ask them where they got their piece from. However, most of us will just let it go and accept the unfortunate fact that we may never have it. But what if that wasn’t true?
Fashionary is any fashionista’s ultimate dream. This company specializes in producing products for professional fashion designers and anyone who has an interest in fashion and design. What’s most exciting about Fashionary is their new Fashionary Felt Mini Collection, which features travel size design journals that are both stylish and convenient for any fashion need.
The new winter collection features a three pack of the 40-page journals each with perforated pages, thread-stitched spines, and a soft felt cover to add to the overall fashion effect. Why not sketch and look trendy while you’re at it?
The journals’ compact size, lightweight feature, and barely visible runway figure templates aim for quick sketches while on the move. Tailor-made for fashion designers and those who just want to brainstorm on the go, the Fashionary sketchbooks include four pages of body measurements, easy-sketch clothing templates, and a fabric dictionary for accuracy and efficiency. You can find the mini felt journals specifically with templates tailored to either men or women for the perfect template that fits your creative need.
The Fashionary Mini takes handy sketching to a new extreme and can be found in felt pink and felt grey. These warm tones are guaranteed to be attention drawers unlike any other sketch journal and aims to reflect wellness, comfort, and peace as stated by Fashionary.
So, if you see a design you love and absolutely must need or perhaps get some random inspiration for a quick sketch, these journals are the perfect tool. The templates and measuring dictionary pages aid to help create more accurate and simple sketches while still being soft and cute enough to whip out on the go. Remember outfit ideas, design your own collection, and bring your inner fashionista to life with this mini journal.
The Fashionary Felt Mini Collection is available on and select stores worldwide. Find your perfect on-the-go sketchbook so no ideas get left behind!
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