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Luxury Handmade Accessories That Support Women Worldwide

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Candy and Lola: more than just an accessory label!

Today we want to share an amazing brand that makes luxury handmade accessories that support women worldwide.  Rana Dabbous (founder of Candy and Lola) was searching high and low for the perfect,attractive and functional bag, but simply couldn’t find what she was looking for – so she designed her own! Rana received so much positive feedback on her new bag that she came to realize there was an appetite for her product beyond her friends and family. Her customer base grew rapidly, and so Candy and Lola was born, producing personalized, high-quality beach accessories unlike anything else on the market.
luxury handmade accessoriesThe Candy and Lola name has an equally heartwarming story, inspired by Rana’s two beautiful children. Her son loves candy more than anything in the world, and her daughter’s nickname is Lola – thus Candy and Lola!
All of the luxury handmade accessories and designs are hand-crafted by Rana and her team and she stores no inventory, meaning each bag is made to order and must pass the brand’s stringent quality test. The products are made from the finest and most sustainable materials available, and there are no plastic or man-made materials used in the production or packaging. This makes Candy and Lola a 100% sustainable and ethical brand.
Thanks to a recent collaboration with Burberry, Candy and Lola is quickly spiraling into the fashion limelight. Rana is enormously proud of the Candy & Lola x Burberry partnership,calling it a “perfect fit”, with both brands sharing a passion for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail.
“Our unique collection with Burberry has carved out a niche, with designs that double as works of art and serve as the perfect complement to our handcrafted hats and baskets in this industry”.
luxury handmade accessoriesOne of Candy and Lola’s best-selling products is the sustainable straw bag with embroidered‘evil eye’ motif. Accessories such as this one have a plethora of star-studded fans and have been seen on the arms of multiple Middle Eastern celebrities, from actor Lamitta Frangieh to public figure Dina Maimouni and blogger Diana Al Nabulsi​.
Not only is Candy and Lola a stunning fashion label with humble beginnings and family values at its core, but the brand is also dedicated to supporting women worldwide. Rana employs four women at her atelier in Dubai and supports three divorced women in Lahore,Pakistan. By employing these women, she takes a huge ethical step in supporting those who would otherwise be subject to strict and unjust employment laws. Without the help of Candy and Lola, these women would have no income and thus no means to support themselves.They are the forgotten. So,what’s the latest?

Candy and Lola will soon release the highly-anticipated ‘London Edit’. Inspired by the UK capital, this collection will initially feature evening-wear clutch bags (a first for the brand), and will soon expand to offer beach towels, sandals and a whole host of other accessories.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect, unique beach accessories for your winter break in the sun or a complete one-off gift for a loved one, look no further. The combination of affordable prices (from £50-£100), the chance to support an incredible cause, and the brand’s striking designs put Candy and Lola in first place every time.

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Images provided by: CandyandLola

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