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The Hidden Meaning Behind Silver Skull Jewelry

hidden meaning behind silver skull jewelry

Today we want to share with  you the hidden meaning behind silver skull jewelry.  Silver jewelry is not only for people belonging to youth subcultures. Fashion designers fell in love with this symbol, too. Now you can see skull jewelry everywhere – from red carpet events to motorcycle rallies. They attract interest thanks to the multi-faceted meaning hiding behind these empty sockets. Do you know what skulls mean? If the answer is ‘no’, then go ahead and learn all about it from this post.

hidden meaning behind silver skull jewelry

Life and Death

Jewelry featuring skulls has been adorning the fingers and necks from time immemorial! In ancient Greece, thoughts of death evoked death-related jewelry designs. Among the most popular themes are skeletons, skulls, bones, and even Cupid holding a torch with an extinct flame as a symbol of the end. But skulls are not only signifiers of death. Many ancient cultures believed that skulls bring immortality. Indeed, when we die and our flesh decays, the only thing that is left is the skeleton. Thus, it was associated with immortality and vitality.

Skull is a Protector

In the Roman Empire, warriors decorated their armor with skull accessories. They believed that the skull would safeguard them in battles. At the same time, it was a reminder of death. Looking at the skull, a warrior became more cautious, skillful, and motivated. The Celts deemed skulls as receptacles of sacred power. If respected and worshiped, they protected a person against evil. In Tibet, men wore skull talismans to feel invincible.

Even in today’s world people still believe that the skull will protect them. For instance, bikers are sure that a skull tattoo or a piece of silver skull jewelry will save from death.

Skull is a Memory

hidden meaning behind silver skull jewelryIn the XVII century, thanks to the renewed interest in the art of ancient Greece and Rome, skulls experienced a new revival. It was customary to bequeath jewelry to friends and family members. First, those were heirlooms but soon memorable rings came to replace them. In Italy, those rings featured inscriptions in Latin; in England, they carried the name of the owner, two skulls, and a heart in between.

Wedding rings couldn’t ignore skull fashion either. The phrase that could be met at literally every single ring was “Memento mori”. It intended to remind the spouses about the end of all mortal. Martin Luther had a skull wedding ring, too. It featured a quote from the hymn of praise (“Think more about death: Oh death, I will be your death”).

The skull is one of the oldest symbols. It served the most diverse groups of people. Throughout history, skulls adorned clothes and jewelry of pirates, soldiers, and outcasts of all sorts. Today, you can see this symbol in the rock, biker, Gothic, and punk communities. Even if you don’t belong to any of those, a cool-looking skull ring can become an eye-catching accent of your look. Moreover, if you believe in all these legends, it is capable of bringing good luck and happiness!

The skull helps to organize thoughts and focus on the main goal. It is stronger than your desires, emotions, behavior, and even circumstances. You can rely on it when you seek assistance and support.

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