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How to Take Care of Tungsten Rings for Men

Tungsten Rings for Men

Today we want to show you how to take care of Tungsten rings for men. Tungsten rings are popular with couples because they are less costly. You can wear them on your fingers instead of the expensive gold or silver rings. Thus, it could be an affordable alternative for a couple that has spent all their resources on wedded expenses. Also, the rings do not require any polishing and are highly durable. They are also easy to polish and maintain. 

Taking care of the tungsten rings entails cleaning and ensuring that they are kept separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching and contamination. If the ring is stained, to clean with water and soap and polish them. It helps the ring to remain shiny and attractive. 

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Here is how you can take care of tungsten rings for men

  1. Avoid impact 

Although tungsten rings are durable and do not lose shape or bend easily, they will shatter and crack if struck by force. For that reason, you must avoid instances that will expose the rings to impact. Besides, avoid dropping the ring and knocking it against hard objects. Also, consider buying one from a vendor that gives a warranty. They will always replace the ring if it breaks or gets damaged within the warranty period. 

  1. Clean it regularly

Cleaning the tungsten ring is important. But thorough cleaning should only be done if the ring has been tarnished. To clean it, start by removing the tarnish using a commercial tungsten cleaner. Rub the cleaner generously on the surface until the dirt disappears. 

  1. Don’t clean tungsten using Ultrasound cleaners.

Although using ultrasonic cleaner is likely to give quick results, tungsten will be affected by the cleaners’ vibration. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleaches since they are likely to cause permanent spotting which may further tarnish the tungsten. 

  1. Wash with soap and water

Soap BarTungsten rings are hard to scratch, but occasionally, they will get marks and scratches. These are fake scratches that should be removed as soon as they are visible. In most cases, they consist of material residues which can be removed with soap and water. 

Cleaning Tungsten ring

It can be done by pouring drops of mild detergent into the water and mixing them. The solution obtained is free of the harmful chemicals found in other cleaning products like ammonia and chlorine, which can easily damage the ring.

Once the solution is ready, swish the cloth into the solution and utilize a wet piece of cloth to clean the ring’s exterior parts. Also, ensure to add some elbow grease to help remove the dirt. 

Use a toothbrush or cotton swab to get the liquid into the ring’s cracks and let it soak for a while. Once it is properly socked, use the brush to remove the stain. 

Rinse it in warm water and use clean cotton wool to dry it. If the ring looks dull, you will need to polish it to restore the shine.

To do this, ensure that you wear some gear to protect your eyes from the flying polishing paste. Also, use leather gloves to protect your fingers from heat injuries. Notice that the ring will become too hot during the polishing. So ensure to use a high polishing compound of about 0.5 microns. Also, it would help if you can make use of a polishing machine and a handheld rotary tool. 

Procedure for polishing the paste

Smear a little paste onto the ring and use a paper towel to spread it around the ring. Place the ring on a piece of paper before inserting it into the machine. But ensure it is placed vertically and crimped tightly. Smear some paste on the rotary pad to make the dirt come off faster. Polish, the ring for at least a minute or until the pad starts getting darker. At that point, it implies that the polish is cutting into the dirt. It will allow the ring to start shining once again. 

But if you want to get the best results, it is prudent that you keep the following maintenance tips in place after cleaning: 

  •  If possible, avoid using ultrasonic jewelry. But if you must use it, ensure it is used exclusively. Do not try to combine it with other cleaning solutions, including soap.
  • Do not leave the ring in the cleaner for too long. 
  • Do not store the tungsten ring together with other chemicals. It helps to reduce contamination. 
  •  If the tungsten ring gets exposed to harmful chemicals such as ammonia, ensure that you clean it immediately to decrease the probability of damage.

Of course, there are other things you may need to do to clean tungsten rings for men. But ensure you don’t use harsh chemicals or tough cleaning agents. Lastly, ensure that your tungsten ring is kept separately from diamond jewelry to avoid scratches.

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