It Has Been Two Months Since the Flying Solo’s Fashion Show, but We’re Still Talking About It and Here’s Why

This past New York Fashion Week was as spectacular as always. The scene was full of brilliant shows to admire, dynamic street styles to draw inspiration from, and extraordinary new lines to look forward to this upcoming season. Every show had its own fascinating voices with impressive designers and innovative ideas. However, perhaps the most ground-breaking ideas belong to Flying Solo; a host of collaborating designers working together to create a fantastic show. It has been two months since the Flying Solo’s fashion show, but we’re still talking about it and here’s why: Elizabeth Solomeina believes that the future of fashion begins with inclusivity and partnership. She not only envisions a utopia of the new fashion world, but motivates herself and countless others to make it a real world possibility.

The fashion world is a competitive, often shattering place if you are not already successful. It comes with a multitude of rejections, failures, shortcomings, and nasty competitors. These are the battles faced by independent designers every day in their artistic journey to get their work established and worn by people across the country and around the world. With the quickness of accessing and exchanging information in our modern society, this harsh reality of the industry seems obsolete. The visionaries behind Flying Solo want to help build an industry with each other for each other. Their premier event during NYFW speaks for itself and proves to all of us just what can be done when we pull our creative energies together rather than shut each other out.

The Flying Solo show on February 9th at Pier 59 did not disappoint. Instead of lasting the typical 5-30 minutes, this show lasted nearly an hour and each set of looks were vastly different from the next. Brilliant minds working together certainly pulled together the vision of the utopia of fashion and art. Combinations such as Nabys Vielman’s electrifying clothing and Ampersand As Apostrophe bags with perfect pops of color designed eye catching sets. Ampersand As Apostrophe also teamed up with GBGH Jewelry and Donna Zhong to create the professional closet we all wish we had while Not clothing, Volta Atelier bags and Dr. Martens shoes brought us back to the clothes we wish we rocked as free teenagers.

Flying Solo also featured a variety of clothes and styles including futuristic looks from Daniel Silverstain with his all silver wardrobe and Monosuit, an upcoming brand from Europe that wants to redefine the way we see fashion as the traditional shirt, pants, shoes, and jacket and simply curl it all into one. The show included heavy trench coats from Gustavo Moscoso and wool materials from Zynni Cashmere which displayed clothing that rang a natural and warm look.

The variety didn’t stop there! The list of styles and artistic visions took the audience by surprise every second of the entire hour. Rose Paulino displayed a collection of swimsuits and cover-ups that are sure to make anyone stand out on their next vacation. Furthermore, GH Luxury Lingerie and Glamrocks put on a show of stunning lingerie and accessories capable of making even the least confident of people feel sexy and royal. Lee Pfayer and Volta Atelier pooled their creativity together to style your modern witches including tops, dresses, and capes embellished with constellations and emblems of the stars.

Waiting patiently for the classic couture gowns? Flying Solo provided that plus more. Nazila Couture clothing and jewelry designed an exclusive line of gowns and skirts that brought influences from Southeast Asia right onto the New York runway. Elizabeth Brown and Iza by Silvia D’Avila nearly stole the show with their handmade and embroidered ensemble of dresses included a handmade red floral lace corset dress that grabbed our attention even after the model left the stage. The final set of clothing was made by Simone Ellis that featured beautiful dresses including a black cage skirt with floral details and elegant style. Each dress that drifted down the aisle during the concluding set was more gorgeous than the last.

After all of the designs and works of art were finished debuting, all of the designers paraded down the runway in celebration and pride. There was an unmatchable comradery and support system between all of the people behind the magic of Flying Solo. There wasn’t a single model, designer, set designer, or make-up artists who wasn’t congratulating another, taking pictures with a group, or enjoying a deserved drink at the bar. The excitement was raw and the overall spirit in the room was uplifting. It just goes to show you what wondrous accomplishments can be made when we motivate each other rather than tear one another down to reserve a single spot at the top. Elizabeth Solomeina’s vision is brilliant and we all hope that it continues to move forward. This utopia is revolutionary and might be just what the fashion world needs in a time of political and economical turmoil. At the end of the day, all we have is each other and if that is what we need in order to produce the incredible art seen at Flying Solo, then so be it!


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It Has Been Two Months Since the Flying Solo’s Fashion Show, but We’re Still Talking About It and Here’s Why: Image Credits: Fernanda Calfat, Matt Licari, Deseri Rice, Jamie Pavon


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