Interview with Lazy Hype Founder Lizeth Hernandez

   Have you heard of the hottest new sustainable fashion brand?

Introducing Lazy Hype, the next generation of sustainable fashion. The newly launched brand offers lounge and activewear ethically-made from recycled materials. Through transparent practices, green manufacturing and promoting eco-conscious lifestyles, Lazy Hype is aiming to spread the word about sustainability through fashion.

Q & A with Lazy Hype Founder, Lizeth Hernandez 

What made you want to start a sustainable lounge & active wear clothing line?

“Living in San Francisco changed my perspective on a lot because it’s such a progressive and innovative city. I clearly saw the need and demand for sustainable products. Also, I noticed the power of marketing and how proclaimed sustainable brands were selling products at extremely high prices, so they could spend a lot of dollars on marketing initiatives. I didn’t want that strategy for Lazy Hype because I wanted it to be accessible to everyone, for a bigger impact on our planet, which is why prices are affordable. I’ve always loved active and loungewear, so I thought why not try to make a sustainable version of what the masses like to call “lazy” attire and organically create “hype” around it.”

Are your clothes featured in any stores and if not is that something you would be interested in?

“The clothes are not in any stores at the moment. We are more interested in positioning ourselves in workout studios, gyms, and small boutiques, due to the fact they we are still a small business. We also want to make sure that the growth is truly organic and that is super protected, we plan to be extremely selective.”

How long has Lazy Hype been in business?

“Lazy Hype just launched on April 2, 2021. We are super excited to branch out into more categories like baby and men’s, hopefully very soon.”

What is your favorite item from your collection?

“My favorite item in the collection that took me the longest to create is the leggings. Who needs denim?! When you can wear leggings! For me leggings are my everyday uniform/essential, so I wanted to make a comfortable legging, that really held everything together, no muffin tops haha, sustainable, and affordable. I’m pretty proud to be able to check mark all those personal needs in the Lazy Hype High Rise Legging.”

Do you plan on expanding your collection to even more sustainable products? (if so what?)

“1000%. I have a little godson coming in August so I need merch for him ASAP! I don’t know we will be able to hit his delivery date, but we will be working on it. Men’s is also a category I would like to expand into and maybe one day even shoes!”

What is your mission statement?

“There’s no such thing as complete sustainability. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to making an eco-friendly effort- any attempt is better than none at all. Even if it’s a lazy one, but let’s get started and create hype.”

Questions about Lizeth’s inspiration for her brand

What do you look for in models/ influencers to represent your brand?

“I try to make sure the models don’t represent any specific race, look diverse, and have a unique social media presence because I want everyone to feel a part of the brand. Also, diversity in body types and sizes. This brand is for everyone.”

Can you elaborate on the recycled materials you use to make your active wear & accessories?

Most of the garments are composed of a high percentage of recycled plastic bottles. The plastic from the bottle is collected to make mini chips that then create the yarn, which is mixed with recycled or organic cotton, spandex, or rayon; depending on the garment, and then turned into fabric. The accessories are bags made from jute plant or cotton, socks composed of organic cotton, candles hand-poured into a glass container, and the jewelry is handmade from new brass which is recycled scrap.”   

Who/ what was your inspiration to become a designer?

“At first, I mainly just wanted to fill a need out in the market. Coming from a fashion background I knew the steps I needed to take just wasn’t sure how to get there. As I built my team, I developed a crazy amount of respect and love for them, so now they are my inspiration, along with just wanting sustainability initiatives top of mind for everyone.”

What advice do you have to young aspiring fashion designers?

“I would say be humble, patient, kind, and be ready to work really hard. It’s important to stay humble and patient so you can fill and understand anyone’s shoes. Fashion is all a network, so kindness goes a long way and 12hour days are a no brainer… I still have them everyday.”

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Images provided by Lazy Hype