How to Transition Your Outfit From day to Night

How to Transition Your Outfit From day to Night

Today we want to share tips on how to transition your outfit from day to night. The pandemic restrictions have started to ease, and the nightlife scene has returned to England. We can go for after-work drinks with colleagues, clubbing with our best girlfriends or on a late-night date. As offices open back up, you may find yourself going straight from work to the club on a Friday night. You need to have a few transition outfits on standby for when your busy schedule ramps up again.

Here are a few ways you can make a seamless transition from daywear to night-time.

Wear underwear as outwear

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The underwear as outerwear trend has been around for a few years now and shows no sign of slowing down. A cute lingerie set deserves to be showcased, and it can make you feel ultra-chic on a night out. Wear a cute lingerie set with a blouse and matching suit for the office. After work, head to the bar, remove the blouse in the bathroom and rock your suit with a lacy bra peeking through. If you don’t feel comfortable getting your whole midriff out, you could wear a bodysuit instead. You can feel sinched in, confident and ready to have fun.

Wear layers

Layers are the key to transition outfits. Wear a silky camisole with a blouse and jacket, or a dress and jumper combination. You can shed the thicker layers in the evening for a more revealing look – our layer them on to keep yourself warm on Autumn nights. Always have a spare top in your bag if you’re going straight from work to the bar. You might get sweaty or spill coffee down yourself. A trench coat often transitions well from day to night and can make you look pulled together.

Pack some makeup

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Every woman needs an essentials kit in their handbag. Buy a small travel pouch and fill it with a concealer, powder, eyeliner, deodorant, perfume, lip balm and a few feminine products. You can touch your makeup up in the bathroom and make your look a little more dramatic for night-time. You can also make sure you feel fresh and smell good when leaving the office. Add a few extra items if you’re dressing a little fancier, such as your lipstick for the evening and emergency false lash glue.

Wear comfortable footwear

Your highest heels may look amazing, but they won’t feel amazing at the end of a long day. You are going to be in these shoes all day and night – they need to be comfortable. Opt for wedges or boots to keep your feet secure and comfortable all night long. You could wear flats for the office and bring heels in your bag to change into.

Remember to pump up your makeup, show a little more skin and enjoy your evening!

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