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How Does Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Integrate Humor Into Fashion?

Moschino is a brand that instantly grabs attention, and keeps people guessing. One of the biggest reasons Moschino has become a brand that so many people are fans of at the moment has a lot to do with how Jeremy Scott takes the ideas of the founder, Franco Moschino, of poking fun at high fashion, and making it seem much less severe, to an entirely new level. Franco Moschino’s take on fashion humor was somewhat traditional, for example, printing “WAIST OF MONEY” on the waistline of a blazer, or adorning a boucle jacket with silverware. His attention to detail, and unwavering love of being unconventional lead to him creating a respected brand. With this in mind, some wonder if Jeremy Scott even stays true to the brand’s dedication to making fashion humorous at all, but we at Cliché believe that Scott isn’t disregarding the brand’s original intention, but updating it for a new generation!


Jeremy Scott took Moschino’s absurd fashion humor and updated it to the 21st century. We believe the biggest example of Scott’s innovation was during Scott’s first collection as creative director of the brand. The now iconic Ronald McDonald and Chanel inspired looks that paraded down the runway mix the silhouette of one of high fashion’s patron saints with the epitome of consumerism and pop culture, the fast-food chain McDonald’s. The collection also featured multiple Spongebob Squarepants looks, and a finale of beautifully created couture gowns printed like junk food wrappers. A collection such as this one is a rather instinctive reaction to what one would call “fashionable humor” in today’s world. It mixes high-end staples with low-brow humor to break up the seriousness that is usually linked with the fashion system.

For a generation that thrives on internet “meme” culture and nostalgia, Jeremy Scott’s version of Moschino plays directly into that fantasy. Scott can play with these things freely, as well as add in a touch of subversiveness. Scott, much like Franco Moschino, both use humor to also speak on the issues of excessive waste and consumerism within the fashion industry.  Moschino’s fall-winter 2017 collection speaks to this heavily. Comically dubbed “Mousechino”, it featured a capsule collection of shirts featuring cartoon mice donning gowns made of garbage. It also featured dresses and suits that looked as if they are made of cardboard, collaged magazine editorials, and even trash bags. This collection was not only a commentary on the fashion industry’s problem with waste but also a way of showing the fashion world that, as Scott puts it, “Couture is an attitude, it’s not a price point.”

 To summarize, when looking at the direction that Jeremy Scott has taken Moschino, it is definitely within the world of fashion humor. Scott, like his predecessor, is very easily able to make familiar concepts and ideas within the realm of fashion, and play with them in a way that is unique, and almost tongue-in-cheek! Humor and subversiveness will always be a part of Moschino, and Jeremy Scott’s interpretation is one that we cannot get enough of!


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How Does Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Integrate Humor Into Fashion?  Photo Credit: Vogue

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