HBO’s Euphoria Combines Fashion and Body Positivity

Season 2 left me feeling inspired as ever to feel confident in my skin. As Euphoria’s character, Maddy (played by Alexia Demie), said in season 2, episode 8, “90% of life is confidence, and the thing about confidence is no one knows if it’s real or not.” So to speak, growing up in the social media age, it can be hard to gain confidence. But if season 2 taught me anything, it’s to find your inner Maddy Perez. Maddy and the other characters fully express themselves through their eclectic style. As a result, I feel inclined to become the most stylish version of myself. 

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The mastermind behind each character’s style in Euphoria is stylist Heidi Bivens. The famous stylist achieved a distinct style and looked for each character’s identity. Bivens includes unique vintage pieces, small designer clothing brands, and ready-to-wear designers. Additionally, Euphoria has become more than just a tv show; it’s a resource for inspiration and the latest fashion trends. Euphoria features prominent brands such as I am Gia, Miaou, Orseund Iris, and Jacquemus, leading Euphoria to be the ultimate trendsetter.

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Furthermore, we have the show to help us forecast this season’s latest trends. First, I noticed many bold cutouts, mesh pieces, strappy bodysuits, and pastel colors. Now, Euphoria has set the bar high for costume design. Each character’s larger-than-life styles are something that we will see for years to come. Who can say we are disappointed?


As season 2 ended last week, I reminisced on featured iconic fashion moments. But more importantly, the impressions it made on society. Euphoria brought a new take on beauty standards. With diversified characters, we learn to highlight our best features by being unique and one of a kind. 

Overall, just like the Euphoria characters, we too can find ourselves by defining our style. All it takes is developing our fashion sense that portrays our persona. By doing that, you can test the waters by wearing bright colors, trying a new makeup look, wear something you have always wanted to but never did. Personally, my height has been an insecurity for years. I knew I needed to overcome this struggle because it was never going to change. As a result, I would progressively start to wear heels, and as I became comfortable, I would raise them a little higher each time. I am confident in my height and love how heels portray my extra long body. Overall, we have to learn how to be comfortable in our skin. Euphoria taught me to be your own trend. 

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