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Golden Tote Review

GoldenTote1Remember those holiday grab bags from your school days? Everyone would wait in eager anticipation to exchange their presents and see what interesting new items they got. Well, that excitement doesn’t have to be just a childhood memory. You can experience that feeling all over again with a more mature and definitely more stylish grab bag each month with Golden Tote!
Golden Tote defines itself as “the ultimate surprise grab bag,” where consumers receive a variety of clothing items based on their personal selections and their style profile—created on the Golden Tote website. The company features sales on the first Monday of every month, offering totes of 2-3 items for $49 and totes of 5-7 items for $149, and since the company works with fashion brands to you significant discounts and even designs some of the clothing itself, consumers will receive packages worth more than they paid for. Based on which Golden Tote you purchase, each tote has a retail value of either $200 or $600!
This is how it works: go to to create an account and style profile. Then choose a tote that you would like. You choose 1-2 clothing items that you would like to receive and Golden Tote surprises you with the rest!
GoldenTote2Golden Tote founders Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney understand what shoppers want: quality products, great deals, and convenience. However, Becker and Sweeney also realize that consumers desire a fun experience, which is what they deliver with their Golden Tote product surprises.
While Golden Tote does not allow for returns of individual items, a Facebook group exists where customers can sell and exchange items, at
This holiday season, treat yourself to a few pleasantly unexpected wardrobe additions. When you see that Golden Tote box on your doorstep, you’ll get that nostalgic grab bag feeling again and be reminded of that exciting experience each time you wear clothing from your personalized Golden Tote.
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Golden Tote Review “Stay Gold” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Dec/Jan 2015 issue.
Photographs courtesy of Golden Tote

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