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As the winter doldrums settle in, you may find yourself stuck in a movie-popcorn-hot-cocoa rut. You’ve seen every holiday movie Candace Cameron Bure has ever been in and you’re pretty sure your bloodstream is about 75% hot chocolate by now. For many, the cold winter air makes a warm bed absolutely irresistible and it’s likely your motivation to do anything but stuff your face and snooze is gone. Hobbies may be tossed to the side until New Year’s resolutions once again spark that flame, but winter is the perfect time to start up a weather-appropriate pastime.


While you’re embracing your inner granny, lounging in pajamas and taking hot baths, why not learn a new skill, add some fun new pieces to your wardrobe, and take care of your Christmas shopping all in one? We Are Knitters offers knitting kits for every style, shape, and skill level imaginable. The concept is simple: select a garment, skill level, yarn material and color scheme, and get everything you need to get knitting! Needles, yarn, and a step by step pattern are included in every order. From scarves and beanies to sweaters and cardigans, your options really are limitless.

Perfect as a Christmas gift, whether you knit your sister a scarf or give your best friend a kit so you can knit together, you can check off just about everyone on your list with a We Are Knitters Kit. If you’re looking for a new community, a relaxing pastime, or some warm winter clothes; knitting may be for you. We’ve included a few of our favorite patterns below to get your creative juices flowing and your hands itching!

(Danko Scarf in Aquamarine, $70)                                                      

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Get Knitting This Winter: We Are Knitters: Photos Courtesy of We Are Knitters 

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