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If there ever was a beach babe queen out there, we’ve found her. No, it isn’t the Little Mermaid, but she is as close to that sea princess as we can get in real life. Meet the naturally stunning and effortlessly creative Francesca Aiello—a surfer native to Malibu who has made her mark within the cyber world of social media with her carefree personality and gorgeous swimwear line, Frankie’s Bikinis. Since the age of 17, Aiello has conquered the roles of being a designer, social media guru, and entrepreneur; her connection with the beach she has grown up around and her passion to relate with others has made her a popular icon for young women everywhere. Her swimsuit line is one such passion that has been received exceptionally well by the social media world.
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While surfing in Malibu and on trips to Hawaii, Aiello found that she needed swimsuits to fit her needs and express the lifestyle of being at a beach. With support and help from her mom, she was able to launch her independent line, handmade in the USA, at the early age of 17. After making the decision to complete high school at home in order to fulfill her dreams, Aiello continued to grow in success just like a wave. At the age of 19, she made her first debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in 2014, titling her as the youngest designer ever to do so.
Frankie’s Bikinis are worn by women all over the world, and the simple and sexy designs are made to fit beautifully. It’s California meets Hawaii with feminine, exotic, and beach lifestyle all in one. See why we are joining the millions of fans Aiello and her swimsuit line have! Warning: you’ll be wanting to buy a couple of her lovely suits once you’re done reading this—guaranteed!
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Cliché: Where do you get your inspiration?
Francesca Aiello: I grew up in Malibu and have been surfing my whole life, so I’m really inspired by southern California’s carefree beach lifestyle. My travels to Hawaii have also played a huge part in my designs.
How would you describe your line as a whole?
Frankie’s Bikinis encompasses what it means to be a carefree beach girl. The line’s signature style is simple and sexy with a bohemian flair.
What do you believe has been your most successful attribute in the social media world? Do you have any advice for social media newbies out there?
I think my age gave me an upper-hand for social media because it just came so naturally to me. For me, posting beautiful photos on Tumblr and Instagram helped create a following of people who enjoyed the same type of lifestyle. It can’t just be about promoting the company. People want to feel like they are friends with you, not just outsiders looking in.
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Do you have a number one tip in feeling and looking confident while wearing one of your creations?
My suits are seamless so they can be flattering for all kinds of bikini babes, but no matter what, a girl should always stand up straight, smile big, and work what she’s got!
What’s next on the horizon?
Frankie’s Bikinis will hold a runway show this year at Swim Week in Miami Beach. I couldn’t be more excited to head back for my second year! We will be showing on Saturday, July 18 at 10:30 pm at the W Hotel.
Be sure to follow Aiello on Instagram @francescaaiello / @frankiesbikinis and on Snapchat @frankiesbikinis
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