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First Lady Fashion Face-Off

First Lady Fashion Face-Off

Aside from having husbands with vastly different beliefs, former First Lady Michelle Obama and current First Lady Melania Trump have their own differences, especially in fashion.

Let’s drop all political beliefs for a minute here. Forget the wall, the tweets, and the political unrest that had spread throughout the country. Instead of debating the latest controversy, let’s compare the women behind the presidents: Michelle and Melania.

The job of First Lady could be seen as less demanding than that of the President. However, these women represent their husbands, and therefore risk having their every move ridiculed. It can be extremely emotionally taxing to be constantly in the public eye, especially when your public image has been created and curated on your behalf along the campaign trail.

Fashion is a major aspect that affects one’s image. Through fashion, the public judges the first ladies, even when they have said and done nothing.. This is why both first ladies have a team behind them choosing their ensemble, with great attention to overall presentation.


On the Campaign Trail

Michelle: 2008, in jeans and a cardigan

Photo By: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

Melania: 2016, in a camel trench with oversize belt

Photo By: David Goldman/AP

Take away: Although fashion has certainly changed since 2008, these two outfits clearly represent the societal image that the two are portraying. Michelle, in a more relatable look, opted to appeal to the masses, in a simple cardigan and a pair of jeans. Melania chose a more power-oriented look. Her trench has clean lines and impeccable tailoring, which exhibits a greater sense of power dressing. From a complete fashion standpoint, Melania looks immaculate, while Michelle looks more relatable.


During the Oath of Office

Michelle: 2009, wearing a yellow jacquard jacket and matching dress.

Photo By: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Melania: 2017, wearing a pale blue coat with matching dress and gloves

Photo By: Andrew Harrer

Take away: These outfits are very similar. Both first ladies opted for a monochromatic set. Although there are differences in the silhouettes, they both exhibit elegance. Melania enjoys more clean lines and tailoring, which may be a nod to her career in fashion, while Michelle chose an A-line look with a playful weave.


Inaugural Ball

Michelle: 2009. Michelle wore a single-shoulder white silk chiffon Jason Wu gown embellished with organza flowers and Swarovski crystals. She was the first First Lady to not wear a long sleeve gown since Nancy Reagan in 1981.

Photo By: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Melania: 2017. Wore a cream, off-the-shoulder high-slit dress by Hervé Pierre.

Photo By: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

Take away: Both dresses were flawless and also less conservative compared to former first ladies, who have mainly chosen to wear long sleeve dresses. Both dresses show a lot of shoulder but are still elegant. Michelle continues to choose more fun and girly ensembles while Melania continues to choose more serious ensembles.


Conclusion: Both first ladies have their own style. Melania, with her background in fashion, chooses more serious and simplistic looks that highlight their exquisite tailoring while Michelle chose more relatable looks that appeal to the middle class and mothers alike.


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First Lady Fashion Face-Off. Featured Image Credit: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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