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Fashionable Ways to Wear Brooches in 2017

Who said brooches were out of style or old fashion?  Indeed they are very much in style in 2017 and should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe.  If you love fashion and love to expand your wardrobe and accessories, adding something simple like a brooch can take your street style to a new level and make you stand out from your fellow fashionista’s.  Here are some trendy and fashionable ways to wear one in 2017.

A connecting clasp for your top or dress
clasp for your broochThis is one of the most stylistic ways to wear a brooch.  You will often see this style on the runway as models show off flashy and sparkling diamond styles as an accent to glamorous designer outfits.  There are several types of clasps that are common to this jewelry.  They include brooch pin clasps, C-clasps and tube clasps.
A stunning hair piece
A unique and fabulous way to wear a brooch is in your hair.  You’ll frequently see fashionable designs used at weddings but you can position them at the top of a high messy bun or near the nape of your neck if you prefer a low bun.  Just make sure to keep your hair somewhat loose and somewhat undone.  Remember, you’re not at a wedding.  Another way that people are wearing vintage brooches in their hair is by soldering them onto a barrette.  This method works for both costume and fine jewelry, since the barrette itself gets the modifications, not the actual brooch.
On your dress
Wearing a cameo brooch on your LBD or any dress for that matter is extremely stylish.  Something like a purple brooch would be a perfect accessory to compliment your earrings or hand purse.  Want to accentuate your bust line? Simply place one at the bottom of the vee in your dress. You can also place them in the center of your dress and flower or spiral shaped brooches are perfect for this demure type of look.
On your shirt or blazer lapel
brooches on blazer jacketThese 2 options of course are the most traditional ways to wear a brooch and the most flexible as well. Brooches in blue designs can easily bring out the colors in your top or help accentuate other accessories like a belt or bracelet.  Whether your accessories are ones you wear daily or only for special occasions you can be sure this is a safe and very fashionable way to wear yours.
In 2017, brooches are back in a big way turning up in unexpected places like shoes, the cuff on a pair of jeans, in the small of your back, clipped to a belt loop or grouped in clusters on a jacket or blazer.  Brooches are about personal style and while they remain one of the most underutilized accessories, you can now find them on runways and being marketed online by some of the worlds most recognized brands.
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