Fashion Styles to Avoid on Your Next Date

Fashion Styles to Avoid on Your Next Date

There is a reason that fashions come and go. We think something looks nice and then we come to our collective senses the next year.  That’s why anyone that is going out on a date needs to be aware of several fashion styles to avoid. After all, you want to look as complete and well put-together as you can for the sake of a first impression.  Stuffing these fashions away is your first step to a great date.

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Pluck the Floral Patters

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One of the most prominent patterns that have emerged in recent years is floral. You see flowers on everything from leggings to shirts, but it’s time for them to go away. Flowers have been overplayed, so it was not too common to see them pop up even in children’s fashion. The bottom line is that there is less of an emphasis on patterns and more on the right color scheme and fabrics.

Get Baggy Clothes out of Here

If you lived through the late 90s, then you know that baggy clothes are beginning to creep back into some people’s fashion. Don’t let it happen. There is a difference between cute oversized clothes on women and shirts and pants that are too large for you to walk around in comfortably. With that in mind, it’s a great idea for you to put aside the baggy clothes in favor of something that just fits well or is tailored if you’re a man.

Sneakers Are for Yard Work

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Last year, a lot of people have met dates on this site, put together a decent outfit, and then went on a date. The problem was that they paired their beautiful sundress with a pair of “dad shoes” that were blocky, ugly, and clashed with their outfit. While everyone loves the opportunity to be comfortable, there is not a more fashion-less way to be comfortable than by purposely wearing ugly shoes. Put these back in the shoe rack for yard work and get them out of your dating lineup.

Denim Had its Day

As we’ve said, the 90s are trying their best to come back, and another one of the ways that this is the case can be seen in the simple fact that denim is everywhere now. Jackets, pants, shirts, and more make us remember the family pictures with all denim or the famous Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake incident. Go look long and hard at those pictures if you need a reminder why those outfits need to stay away.

Luxury Fanny Packs Should Go

Gucci fanny packs and are a definite no no and is definitely on the list of fashion styles to avoid. These were cool as a fashion symbol for only a little bit and now they are cumbersome and useless. If you’re a guy, stick to a wallet. If you’re a lady, a high band pursue would be a much better option for you to use in this case. Either way, it’s way past time for you to put the fanny packs away.

As you can see, there are some definite fashion styles to avoid when you are out on your date. Most notably, it’s time for you to stuff away the floral patterns, baggy clothes, sneakers as formal wear, denim, and fanny packs so that you can move into a new fashion. The 90s are trying to make a comeback, but you will have to keep in mind that not all fashions were that great in the first place.

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