Fabulous Decorating Ideas Using Wall Clocks

Fabulous Decorating Ideas Using Wall Clocks

Here are some fabulous decorating ideas using wall clocks.  How many times per day do we all look to see what time it is?  Probably more than you care to imagine.  Whether your just waking up, fixing dinner, in the elevator, at the shopping center, the doctors office, or even at your desk working, we are always connected with time.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, time is the essence of our daily lives that helps keep us on schedule and in tune with the world around us.  Using clocks to decorate your home can be super refreshing, eye-catching and truly make any room in your home standout as the perfect accent piece.


Fabulous Decorating Ideas Using Wall Clocks

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Living Area: I think we can agree that finding the perfect place for a wall clock isn’t as simple as one might think.  Do you use one that’s big in size or smaller?  Modern or retro?  To get the most out of using a wall clock when decorating a living area, placement is super important.  For example, large wall clocks are absolutely beautiful but are most beautiful in homes that have expansive living room walls, fireplaces or single pieces of furniture that could use a decorative element to make it stand out.  The main idea behind a large wall clock isn’t to be the main focal point of the room but to compliment existing decorative items or help accentuate certain types of wood or paint tones.  If you can imagine a spacing that is using only half of it’s potential, a large wall clock could be the perfect compliment to fill that space and make a strong decor statement.

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Entry Way or Foyer: A wall clock can look amazing in your entry way or foyer.  What a fun and inviting decorative piece that can really make whoever walks through your front door feel relaxed and welcomed.  What types of decorative pieces do you have in your current entry way?  Many of us have some sort of sofa table along with a pretty vase of flowers, a family photo or a candle.  Envision a decorative wall clock this sits above your sofa table that one can easily see as they enter the home.  Perhaps it could be the same color as your sofa table or 2 tones lighter or darker than the color of your wall.

Bedroom: We certainly spend a lot of time in our bedrooms.  For most of us it’s our safe haven, our retreat and a place that we relax and enjoy special moments with loved ones.  It’s also the room that we go to sleep and wake up in each morning.  We have yet to see a bedroom without a clock nearby.  Usually on an end table or on top of a dresser.

For those redecorating your bedrooms, consider adding a beautiful wall clock to your decor.  If your headboard is low enough, you can easily place a large wall clock over the top of your headboard.  If you have his/her dressers try placing a wall clock in between them at an appropriate height that looks appealing.

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Kitchen: The kitchen is the perfect room in your home to add a decorative wall clock.  You will be thrilled to add a clock that suites your wall that equally exudes the style and personality of your kitchen.

There are wall clocks for your kitchen in every color, shape and style you can imagine.  Do you have a room leading out of your kitchen?  Consider adding a wall clock above the door frame so you can easily see the clock from anywhere in the kitchen and on your way out.   Is your kitchen semi-open with a large opening to your living area?  You can easily put a wall clock on the wall high above your kitchen counter so that people in both the kitchen and living areas can easily see the clock.

Do you have live in a small condo or have a smaller kitchen space?  Consider a minimalist but really cool wall clock like an ultra sleek frameless clock.  It will definitely standout and add a unique decorative pieces despite the small cooking space.

We hope you love our fabulous decorating ideas using wall clocks.  Now you  have some creative fire power to redecorate areas of your home that can easily be transformed with a beautiful and stylish wall clock.  Give it a try and let us know how your decorating efforts went.

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