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It never used to be very often that I would see a five-year-old and think to myself, “ I wonder where she got those shoes?” But lately, it is something I find myself pondering more and more!
Fashion forward parents are passing down their passion to their children in a big way. Children’s clothing has become so much more than matching sweat suits and Velcro shoes. I’m talking Dior, Gucci and Marc Jabobs; leather jackets, aviators, combat boots and matching bags. Kids are rocking the latest runway fashions, and rocking them with flare!
Take little Miss Bruna Valentina from Brazil. This little diva has 3,752 followers on Instagram through a page her mother, Desirrê Moraes promotes for her. In her 235 posts, she sports various outfits from leopard print mini skirts to pinstripe button-ups. She has all the accessories to match, from satchel purses to coach bags and rhinestone headbands. The tot seems completely comfortable in her stylish attire as she strikes a pose in every photo. Check out her latest #ootd’s (outfit of the day) on her Instagram, @desirrmoraes!
Another Instagram celebrity is Alonso Mateo, the five-year-old fashion icon and son of Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, a freelance stylist, who exposed her son’s unique fashion sense through her Instagram page (@luisafere). The kid makes most adults look average, with his Ray-Ban sunglasses and Gucci accessories. He snaps selfies more than some women I know, and he makes them look more natural than I ever could. He makes tight-rolling his jeans still look cool, and manages to make an untucked button-up still seem dressy. The boy is definitely fashion savvy – stylists take note!!
These days, it’s not just adults making a statement in the fashion industry. Children are making their mark, and they are just so darn adorable doing it! We have evolved from the times when we had less to worry about concerning clothing while our children were young. The young want to be bold too, and we must feed their appetite for style.

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