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Michael Todd 1The True Organics skincare mantra is simple: You’ll love what’s in it. You’ll love even more what’s not. It’s a refreshing motto in a day and age when we are constantly bombarded with new skin-care regimens and ingredients you probably can’t even pronounce. And while it might be fun to keep up with the ongoing skincare trends, it can be exhausting, not to mention detrimental to your face. With Michael Todd True Organics, you can rest assured by going back to the basics, without skimping on the truly lush ingredients your skin deserves. And we mean lush. Ahem, avocado mango face mask, anyone? Lucky for us, the chemists and doctors at Michael Todd vigorously studied the topical effects of superfood on your skin, resulting in a skincare line that literally feeds your face. Founder of Michael Todd True Organics, Lewis Hendler, explains, saying “Mother Nature has given us superfoods that play double duty.” He continues, “Consider the avocado as the overachiever of beauty superfoods. It’s rich in protective antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which help keep skin plump and smooth… Our products represent a synergy between science and the certified organic plants and fruits we use.”

Michael Todd 2It comes as no surprise that stars such as Carmen Electra, Jillian Michaels, Tori Spelling, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump are devoted fans of this superfood turned skincare line. It’s safe to say we’re True Organics fanatics now, too. What do we love so much about Michael Todd True Organics? Well, after a week of working way too much overtime, we’ve decided there is absolutely nothing as refreshing as some nightly TLC, courtesy of True Organics. We love ending the work week with the Kaolin Clay Mask ($34), and washing the day away–along with all that irritated dry skin–with the JoJoba Charcoal Facial Scrub ($18). The finishing touch? The super succulent Hyaluronic Acid +C Serum ($37), which is perfect for moisturizing all skin types. Michael Todd True Organics also features a slew of other serums, cleansers, masks, and toners that help repair, restore, and protect your most precious organ. Need to try it for yourself? You can purchase Michael Todd True Organic products on their website, and enjoy a free sample pack now!

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