Ed Letter: Aug/Sept 2016

If you were to ask any woman in your life which garment in her closet was her favorite, she could probably tell you in a heartbeat. We all have one; I wore my favorite navy blouse until the color completely faded and I threw on my favorite pair of jeans until there were holes in unacceptable places. These pieces felt like an extension of myself, and when the time came to finally part ways, I hugged them goodbye like they were old friends. Quietly, I vowed to find another piece I loved as much as them. Now, I think I have.

When I first saw the Goldie’s floral halterneck romper I am wearing for this Ed Letter, I instantly fell in love. It checked all my boxes: favorite color? Yes. High slit? Hell yes. Tailored shorts? Bring ‘em on. Throw in the sheer, chiffon fabric and the sexy, backless structure and it completely won me over. While wearing it, I felt like I was floating. I found myself standing a little straighter, smiling a little wider. And that’s just what the perfect piece of clothing does: it makes you feel beautiful.

Goldie’s believes that all women are beautiful in their own special way, and we at Cliché couldn’t agree more. In fact, all the fashion and beauty brands in this issue strive to make all women feel beautiful as well. When I met Parisa Wang in New York City this past spring, I was so impressed with her ability to turn her heartbreak into a bag collection meant to empower other women (pg. 58), and was equally impressed by the designers behind 1995NYC, with their warm personalities and colorful clothing line that just screams playful femininity (pg. 62). These designers are just the beginning of the massive talent in this issue, and I’m so happy to introduce them to the world.

If you crave more beauty and confidence inspiration, then look no further than our cover girls, Logan Browning and Aimee Carrero. Both the Hit the Floor star and Young & Hungry actress, respectively, are the perfect combination of beauty and talent, and prove this each day in their careers and in their personal lives. Read what they had to say about this and more starting on pg. 106.

Now, tell me what makes you feel beautiful on Twitter @clichemag and @meganportorreal, and we’ll share our favorites in our next issue. Happy reading!

Megan Portorreal
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Ed Letter: Aug/Sept 2016 originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2016 Issue

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